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User Experience

The User Experience Service Package defines a user-centric approach that helps OpenText customers optimize their use of OpenText ECM. Different types of users interact with each other and find, organize and publish information in different ways. To encourage adoption of your system and optimize productivity, you need to create positive user experience. This involves meeting the exact needs of users by giving them easy and intuitive access to all the information they need to accomplish their tasks.

This consulting engagement covers the following aspects of user experience:

  • Creative Brief: The Creative Brief provides the team with an overall creative summary that defines goals and objectives, creative direction, audience, technical/browser standards, focus and release considerations. It serves as a touchstone that documents the creative vision and browser-side requirements for a particular user experience initiative.
  • Branding Elements: This includes incorporation of design elements to maintain corporate identity.
  • Information Architecture: We examine your system to establish how your users navigate through it to find relevant information, and make recommendations for site navigation and data integration. These recommendations include a site map that serves as a visual representation illustrating how users will navigate through the site, a data integration diagram and information design templates.
  • Visual Design: The design goal is to establish high-quality look and feel, outstanding degree of usability—from a client and user perspective—and continuity of identity across channels or media vehicles.
  • Build Options: Once a design approach is selected, build options and recommendations are made.
  • Style Guide: Materials and information about font, imagery and color treatments that conform to or support branding guidelines.
  • Page Templates: HTML template files for each view are provided, as well as component graphics and additional Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and javascript files.


The User Experience engagement provides the following benefits:

  • Increased levels of system adoption
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Improved access to relevant content through customized user interfaces and role-based templates
  • Preserved brand equity and adherence to design standards
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) because system capabilities are focused on improving the operating characteristics of your business


Organizations that are just beginning to use Livelink and existing user communities that are looking to enhance their use of Livelink can benefit from a User Experience engagement. Your local services or account representative can assist you in getting more information about how your company can benefit.

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