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Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak

Prepare for cloud migration with OpenText experts

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Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak overview

OpenText’s Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak provides analysis and advice to organizations on how to run their OpenText Information Management solutions in the cloud. OpenText specialists work with IT teams and their preferred cloud partners to develop a cloud readiness report which recommends a transition plan designed to minimize business disruption and optimize operations using cloud technologies.

Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak benefits

  • Unlock efficiency

    Get a comprehensive cloud readiness report to plan a strategic move to the cloud with OpenText experts.

  • Improve productivity

    Learn how to leverage the latest cloud technologies including containerization, database-as-a-service and new storage modalities.

  • Enable cost savings

    Learn how to optimize the transition to the cloud for better performance and lower costs.

  • Ensure peace of mind

    Trust in OpenText’s experience of delivering Information Management solutions in both the OpenText and public clouds to ensure best practices and smooth cloud transitions.

Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak services offered

The OpenText Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak delivers a cloud readiness report as well as strategic planning discussions, a presentation and a Q&A session with key customer stakeholders.

  • Cloud migration roadmap

    Get a comprehensive transition plan to minimize business disruption when moving to the cloud.

  • Cloud readiness report

    Prepare to pivot to the cloud with migration, architecture and configuration recommendations.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    Trust OpenText to engage key stakeholders through strategic planning discussions, a presentation and a Q&A, all included in the Cloud Readiness Assessment FasTrak.

ATCO Australia logo

“With OpenText Cloud Managed Services, we no longer have to maintain infrastructure, and we no longer have to worry about upgrades and patches. Essentially, we’re using a service to access our documents in a document management system, but we don’t have to look after it ourselves. In the past, we had to constantly be upgrading it, applying patches, replacing hardware, infrastructure, and so on. The hassle of maintaining IT infrastructure is gone.”

Chris Marshall, General Manager, IT, ATCO Australia

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Office of General Counsel for the City of Jacksonville logo

“The big change we saw when we moved to OpenText eDOCS was the ability to not only store everything together based on the client matter number, which was a big change and very useful for us, but it also gave us the ability to do full index searching. It has revolutionized our ability to find things.”

Chris Garrett, Assistant General Counselor, Office of General Counsel, City of Jacksonville, Florida

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Snohomish County Public Utility District logo

“Our project timeline for our move to Cloud Managed Services was 6 months and we hit our go live mark just as we wanted to. Our Professional Services team was just great. They were there with us the whole way and worked really hard over our go-live weekend to ensure delivery on-time. We really consider them part of our team.”

Jill Stelter, Enterprise Content Manager, Snohomish County Public Utility District

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Pacific Life Insurance Company logo

“Our vision is to deliver and support effective and efficient content management across the enterprise while allowing for business unit flexibility. With OpenText, our team works much more effectively because we have the program, services, and strategy along with the technology.”

Riley McIntosh, Manager for Enterprise Content Management, Pacific Life Insurance Company

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