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OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite

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Consolidated and governed content for optimal process efficiency and compliance through OpenText Enterprise Content Management and Oracle E-Business Suite integration

Within organizations in all industries, processes and structured data play a critical role. The people that work in this environment have ready access to the business object data, but they also need to gain insight from related content such as documents and emails. OpenText™ Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite brings these types of content into the Oracle E-Business Suite, within the workspace for the transaction so that users can operate with peak efficiency. Within these organizations there are also users that need to work on the business process and content outside of the Oracle environment. For these people content and process are worked on within the business workspace in their ECM interface of choice.

As organizations examine their critical content and look to provide information governance across it, they need to ensure that governance is provided consistently across both their structured process data and their unstructured business content. Information governance, security, and compliance with legislation and policy, as well as reduction in risk and cost, are provided by the foundation of the OpenText ECM Content Suite Platform.


  • Optimal productivity for Oracle E-Business Suite users
  • Increased efficiency as users work with content in context of their business process both inside and outside the Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Improved accuracy due to digitizing, process automation and ensuring current versions of content are available within business context
  • Consistent application of policy and compliance with regulations for all information inside and outside the ERP system
  • Increased ability and decreased risk in responding to electronic investigations and discovery requests
  • Cost effective, secure and flexible storage options for all types of content inside and outside the ERP system

All types of organizations have a need to optimize and accelerate key business processes such as purchasing, project management, HR hiring and onboarding, expense and travel approvals, lease and contract management. Each of these business processes have structured and well understood data associated with them in the ERP environment; however, each process also has related content, such as documents and emails, that needs to be found, understood and utilized in the course of the business process. All of these types of content can have security and access restrictions. All of these types of content need to be managed in accordance with corporate policy and regulatory mandates. All of these types of content can provide risk and certainly involve costs for the organization.

OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite manages all forms of content throughout its lifecycle. It provides consistent, secure and auditable information governance to all forms of information. Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite combines automated capture of physical and electronic content, ongoing management of the content within all user environments, classification and records management, secure and cost effective storage, archival and defensible deletion of content in accordance with policy. It provides the ability to search and find all types of content, automate processes both inside and outside the ERP system, and collaborate and safely share content within and external to the organization.

With OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Suite, your organization can maximize information accessibility and productivity while ensuring compliance to regulations and reducing risks and costs associated with information. Organizational performance is optimized by bringing the best of ECM and ERP together within an intuitive and collaborative experience.


Comprehensive ECM: OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite is a complete application that enables users to manage all content associated with business objects, while complementing the existing Oracle E-Business Suite applications to manage their transaction-centric content. Built on the foundation of OpenText ECM it provides all of the functionality such as productivity, compliance, reduction in cost and risk that is inherently part of the OpenText Content Suite Platform. Add-ons and many applications within the OpenText Content Suite can be utilized to provide additional benefits such as email management, engineering document management, transmittals, mobile and file synch and share.

Business Workspaces: Users both within and outside the Oracle E-Business Suite interface work with transactional content and other relevant content such as documents and emails that are stored within the OpenText ECM system. This information is brought together in context within a Business Workspace associated with the transaction.

Universal access to all content: Oracle E-Business users are able to work within their native interfaces including the E-Business Suite itself, the Oracle Application Framework/HTML, or within professional forms-based interfaces. For users that do not spend time in the Oracle E-Business suite, they can access the ERP data as well as their related content in all of the interfaces and applications where ECM is available in the organization, including the browser, desktop, office applications, mobile devices, CAD and other business applications.

Information Governance: OpenText Content Suite provides the ECM foundation for information governance of all the content within and outside the ERP system. Electronic and physical documents and all content types are managed consistently in accordance with corporate policy and compliance regulations. Information is managed to ensure optimal collaboration and process efficiency. Security and access control to all content is managed within the system and costs and risks of the information are driven down through information governance.

Classification and Archive: Information is understood, classified and the appropriate retention schedule applied to it. Content is stored and secured within the archive and kept cost effectively. Content can be stored in the archive indefinitely, and can be moved to appropriate storage at different phases of its use. When policy allows or requires the content to be removed from the system, it can be deleted with defensibility built in.

Discovery: All of the content can be searched and examined for inclusion in an electronic investigation or legal case. Content can then be put on hold during the investigation and can be further reviewed and reduced using an eDiscovery add-on.

Foundation for Applications: This extension of the OpenText Content Suite provides an ideal platform, complete with APIs and developer extensions, for creating applications and solutions that are extensions of ERP and are customized for your requirements. Examples of this type of application include project management, purchasing and HR processes such as retention management.