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OpenText Integrated Document Management (IDM)

Whether for purposes of compliance, customer service or business continuity, many businesses are challenged to store the volumes of paper and electronic information generated during their daily business operations. Forms, emails, statements, invoices and other varieties of documents created by standard business processes across the enterprise must be easily accessible and procedurally expired according to your business policies and those imposed by government regulations.

IDM offers integrated document management capabilities designed to help ease the burden of processing the capture, retrieval, and storage of information and transactions by automating your expensive and inefficient manual business processes.

Capture images of forms and paper documents for storage, compliance, case management and electronic presentment.

High-Volume Processing

IDM supports the production of computer output of statements or invoices into online customer support and self-service initiatives. IDM does this within a secure Internet-based infrastructure to ensure the protection of your online transactions and services.

Integrated Archival and Retrieval

IDM manages paper-based and electronic documents between businesses and customers in either batch or real-time mode. It allows you to easily integrate document and records management processes with specific case management applications across your organization, and consolidate that information in a single, secure, managed repository.

Extensive Capture and Storage Capabilities

IDM helps ensure that documents needed for legal or regulatory compliance are collected, filed, and stored in the repository following appropriate security control and retention and expiration guidelines.

Features and Benefits

Report management Capture, store, view, and reprint computer output documents like statements or invoices. Create and distribute customized reports with links back to the electronic documents.
COLD/ERM Store many computer output pages per hour of text, Postscript, and other native document formats using a high-speed data engine.
Document capture Capture of in-bound business forms, documents, and correspondence from the fastest, high-volume bi-tonal and color scanners with OCR/ICR and barcode recognition at lower labor costs.
Forms processing Extract, clean, confirm, and enter form data with highly accurate validation and advanced high-speed reject repair. Publish dynamic HTML or Adobe PDF forms to any corporate Web site with an easy-to-use forms designer.
Desktop viewer Display bi-tonal and color images, physical, and electronic forms, computer output reports and statements, PDF files, emails, office documents and CAD files with common zoom, lock zoom, annotation, and copy/paste functionality.
Email archiving Capture and store all email messages and attachments at the email server, Web servers, and groupware server level, or manually from desktop mail environments. Store email as controlled records with automatically applied metadata for easy retrieval.
Risk mitigation Replicate documents to an external disaster recovery site as soon as they are captured to avoid business interruption in the case of catastrophic events. IDM supports DAS (Direct-Attached Storage), NAS (Network-Attached Storage), SAN (Storage Area Network), or CAS (Content-Addressed Storage) disk arrays, tape silos, and optical jukeboxes with transparent, automated caching technology to increase file retrieval performance.