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OpenText™ Core Share

Simple and secure content collaboration in the cloud

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OpenText Core Share overview

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OpenText™ Core Share provides all the functionality needed to securely share and collaborate on projects while working remotely with partners and customers behind and beyond the corporate firewall. Simple and intuitive to use, Core Share is a SaaS application that offers the enterprise level security and compliance IT departments require with the flexibility that users need. Core Share’s unique ability to enable both a hybrid environment and a full cloud experience sets it apart from other major file sharing offerings.

Core Share is easily deployed and integrated with existing content management systems to extend collaboration beyond the corporate firewall. It integrates seamlessly with OpenText Information Management (IM) solutions to extend the value of existing enterprise content management (ECM) investments into the cloud.

Core Share integrates with OpenText™ Core Signature, a professional and enterprise-grade electronic signature solution, to allow employees and third parties to sign quotes, contracts and other documents in a fast, compliant and hassle-free way.

What is cloud-based collaboration?

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For much of the world, the most noticeable business impact amid COVID-19 has been the limits on face-to-face interaction, hindering the ability to build relationships, progress initiatives and finalize projects. Cloud-based collaboration has become integral to organizations as they strive to adapt to the current global crisis and become more cohesive, stable and productive.

Cloud-based collaboration allows employees to securely share and edit documents both inside and outside the organization. In times of crisis, these enterprise grade tools become mandatory to keep businesses moving forward. Collaborating in the cloud allows users to securely share, store and access information assets, from existing on-premises applications or in the cloud, from any location, while maintaining the integrity of their content.

Features in Core Share

  • Enterprise grade security at each layer

    Configure and automatically enforce global policies for sharing with external users. Set password requirements and expiry dates on shared content and public links. Includes file encryption for data at rest, in transit, on mobile devices and/or in the cloud, Single Sign On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and the utilization of highly secure OpenText data centers.

  • IT and administrative control

    Offers complete IT control over content sharing by employees, customers and partners. Allows administrators to create accounts, control access, assign user storage quotas, lock and disable accounts, view connected users and remotely wipe local content on mobile devices. Provides visibility and analytics using dashboards and reporting views.

  • SAP Solutions integration

    OpenText™ Core Share for SAP® Solutions is the latest SAP-certified public cloud application that offers secure and seamless sharing of content with internal and external collaborators from within SAP platforms, applications and processes.

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration

    Integrates with Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Microsoft® Outlook® to create, modify, co-author, share and store files without moving between applications and files in the cloud. Create Microsoft Office 365 documents within Core Share and update documents in realtime.

  • ECM integration

    Offers easy and seamless integration with OpenText ECM solutions, including the OpenText™ Content Suite Platform, OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Documentum™ and OpenText™ eDOCS, to share existing and new content in the cloud. Two-way sync with Content Suite, Documentum and Extended ECM to ensure that all parties are working with the latest version whether in the cloud on on-premises.

  • Core Signature integration

    Improves legality and expedites business processes from start to finish with secure digital signatures, while adhering to legal requirements and compliance regulations.

Core Share benefits

  • Enterprise grade security

    Eliminate the risk of exposing business-critical data with emailed document exchange or consumer cloud storage tools with a simple method of user collaboration. Fully compliant with GDPR.

  • Improve adoption

    Enable easier and more efficient file sharing users will want to use and comply with organisational policies that keep confidential data secured at every stage in the communication and collaboration process.

  • Increase productivity

    Expedite content driven business processes from conception and collaboration through to approval.

  • Deploy and manage easily with SaaS

    Get up and running in a matter of minutes and offer administrators easy management and control.

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