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OpenText Core for Federated Compliance Policy compliance across the enterprise

Ensure consistent policy compliance across content repositories

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What causes information risk across the modern enterprise?

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As the volume of information and the complexity of regulatory and privacy requirements grows, so does the difficulty of managing a compliance program. Content sprawl is an ongoing struggle in the modern enterprise, and manually coordinating a defensible compliance program across repositories is nearly impossible. Attempts to solve these problems often fail to scale or manage risk effectively.

OpenText™ Core for Federated Compliance delivers cross-repository visibility and policy control for transparency and defensibility of organizational information governance processes and reporting.



Achieve information dexterity

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OpenText Core for Federated Compliance features

  • Centralized record policy management

    Defines and manages corporate records policies across multiple repositories.

  • Reporting and review

    Offers oversight of information governance effectiveness using visual dashboards and reporting as well as a built-in compliance search arm.

  • Validate records compliance

    Measures and reports local administrator’s adherence to global records policies in each repository.

  • In-place records management

    Provides native, in-place records policy oversight and administration for OpenText™ Documentum, OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ InfoArchive™ and Microsoft® Office 365® repositories, such as SharePoint® and OneDrive®.

OpenText Core for Federated Compliance benefits

  • Local control with global oversight

    Manage records locally for each repository and region, offering maximum process flexibility while managing risk at an organizational level.

  • Cloud-ready risk management

    Move to the cloud incrementally, repository-by-repository, with the unique Federated Compliance architecture.

  • Data sovereignty and security

    Manage content across repositories, in multiple jurisdictions, without transmitting content out of country.

  • Transparency and defensibility

    Identify content that is out of policy, develop new policies and bring content into compliance.


Get the Information Dexterity white paper by Kahn Consulting