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OpenText Cloud

Deliver enterprise information management (EIM) solutions in the cloud to create the Information Advantage

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See what makes the OpenText Cloud different

All clouds are not created equal

The OpenText Cloud is one of the world’s largest private clouds, and the only cloud optimized for EIM.

The OpenText Cloud operates in 50 state-of-the-art data centers and 25 satellite POPs, giving OpenText full control of its cloud services, features, capabilities and certifications. Its cloud operations are SOC and ISO compliant and capable of supporting GDPR and other regional and industry-specific compliance policies and legislation.

Customer success stories

OpenText Cloud benefits

  • Drive competitive advantage

    Simplify business and stay competitive and agile with an expanded ecosystem that enables greater innovation, delivers better business outcomes and drives competitive advantage.

  • Flexibility and scalability

    Solve evolving business needs and manage complete EIM solutions in the cloud, from infrastructure, networking and security to software applications, customizations, integrations and even business functions.

  • Manage Information Sprawl

    Integrate enterprise resource planning systems and other leading applications with enterprise content management and EIM solutions to reduce information sprawl and control how content is used and shared.

  • Eliminate the heavy lifting to upgrade EIM solutions

    Benefit from select cloud product releases delivered as containerized quarterly updates and ensure the business is on the latest version without investing time and resources into upgrades.

  • Security

    Secure data both at the application and infrastructure level and ensure compliance with customer, industry and country data mandates by automating and applying business rules to information exchanges, with full auditability.

  • Reimagine business

    Modernize and migrate EIM systems and business processes to the cloud to become more agile. Remove the burden of infrastructure investment and administration and focus on innovation and business transformation.

  • Realize higher returns on EIM investment

    Leverage existing investments in on-premises platforms and extend solutions to the cloud where it’s warranted to maximize collaboration, reduce information silos and simplify technology investments. Realize higher returns on EIM powered by modernized software, performance improvements and flexible service integrations.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Reduce EIM TCO by up to 30 percent with full-featured EIM solutions, existing integration support and continuous updates in the cloud. Shift EIM workloads for reduced risk, accelerated time to value and improved application availability and performance.

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