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OpenText Brava! for Documentum xCP

View and Collaborate on Virtually Any Document

OpenText™Brava!™ for Documentum xCP makes it easy to view, annotate and collaborate on almost any file—including Microsoft Office and PDF documents, CAD drawings, and image files.

Brava! offers a zero-footprint, cross-platform HTML5 viewer that enables users to view documents, images and drawings on PCs, Macs and even the Apple iPad in any major web browser without installing workstation plug-ins or applets.


  • Compare documents, drawings or images. Users can easily compare two versions of documents, drawings or images, either side-by-side or overlaid, with differences color highlighted
  • Work within the xCP 2.x viewer framework. There's no need to toggle back and forth between interfaces—Brava!’s seamless integration makes it easy to work on documents within xCP
  • Add stamps. Add predefined stamps such as APPROVED or CONFIDENTIAL, or import an image. Create custom stamps that insert current information like the user name and date
  • Transform any file to PDF or TIFF. Publishing options include PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E and TIFF
  • Redact sensitive information. Remove privacy data and other sensitive content manually, by intelligent pattern matching and by text search
  • Add banners and watermarks during publishing. Type in any desired text - for example, add copyright notice or flag a document with DRAFT or use tokens to include data such as user information, total number of pages, document title, date and time and Bates numbering
  • Discuss details. Use Brava's Changemark comments to have "in document" discussions that can be published or printed with the content itself
  • Add electronic signatures. Create a signature mark that embeds the signer's name and title, then add that signature to any document and create a PDF of the signed document
  • View CAD drawings. There's no need to buy expensive CAD software to view and collaborate on drawings and site plans. Brava! delivers sharp, legible views at tight zoom levels. It offers the ability to turn off layers, change the background color and view block attributes. An easy-to-use zoom window lets users quickly see details