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OpenText Brava! for Documentum D2

Securely view, collaborate and publish virtually any document

OpenText™ Brava!™ for Documentum™ D2 offers widgets that enable viewing, annotation, redaction and publishing functionality within the Documentum D2 experience.

Brava! offers versatile new functionality—including an HTML5 option, video markup and Changemark discussions—to enable even greater efficiency in business workflows.

The Brava! HTML5 client provides a secure, zero-footprint, cross-platform option for viewing almost any document, image or drawing without installing applets, downloading plug-ins or otherwise involving IT support. With Brava! HTML5, you can view files on PC, Mac, Linux and UNIX platforms using any browser including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

In addition, D2 users can play and annotate video files using the video markup client, as well as create thumbnails and engage in threaded Changemark discussions, which are now visible both through the widget and through Brava! itself.

With these capabilities, Brava! helps streamline business processes and workflows while also providing its signature security, allowing users to remove sensitive content and publish documents to PDF, TIFF and secure CSF formats without downloading originals.


  • View and collaborate on documents with ease. Brava! HTML5 provides a zero-footprint client for PC/IE9, Chrome, Firefox and Mac/Safari platforms.
  • Mark up video. View and annotate video files in MP4, MOV or Flash formats.
  • Document Merge. Create new documents by merging multiple files of any format. (Requires OpenText Blazon)
  • Discuss details. Use the Brava! ActiveX client to display, review and participate in all in-content discussions—or a specific discussion topic of interest—with status indication (e.g., approved, rejected, etc.).
  • Extend functionality. Use the ActiveX client to extend viewing, annotation and redaction features, plus get secure visual rights and better CAD support.
  • Include metadata. Enable document metadata for inclusion in stamps, printing and publishing watermarks and banners.
  • Publish to PDF and TIFF. Publish files and annotations to the repository or email using the Brava! HTML5 or Brava! ActiveX client.