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OpenText Exstream for Salesforce

Automate and generate high-quality personalized customer communications

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OpenText Exstream for Salesforce overview

Streamline personalized customer communications with OpenText™ Exstream™ for Salesforce®

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems hold all the organization's valuable customer information. Coordinating and automating customer communications from CRM is often referred to as document generation.

OpenText™ Exstream™ for Salesforce® integrates into Salesforce CRM environments to provide an enterprise scale solution. Salesforce users can click to access an Exstream template and quickly decide what kind of document to generate and through which channel to send it.


OpenText Exstream for Salesforce features

  • Enterprise wide strategy

    Integrates into the Salesforce landscape to generate communications across customer focused organizations and unify enterprise strategies.

  • Multi-lingual product and support

    Supports users in the language and timezone they need.

  • Incredible platform power

    Enables users to design new business processes in Salesforce or simply integrate into Exstream existing processes.

  • Configurable and fully flexible

    Enables easy configuration from basic to advanced use cases, with no coding required.

OpenText Exstream for Salesforce benefits

  • Increase and automate personalization

    Go beyond a single interaction to optimize all complex operational content and process issues for greater customer engagement.

  • Reduce sales and service cycle times

    Generate all customer correspondence from a single source and access, revise, repurpose and personalize content faster with less effort.

  • Ensure brand consistency

    Design experiences that delight customers, nurture closer relationships and engage them at every step of the decision journey to drive brand loyalty.

  • Maximize upsell potential

    Generate customer engagement documents using only approved content, maintaining control over the business process and maximizing upsell potential.

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