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OpenText Brava!

Securely view, annotate and redact virtually any type of file

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What is secure viewing

In today's world of "anywhere, anytime" business, organizations are under pressure to ensure easy access to documents, regardless of the file type or device in use. A secure viewing and collaboration tool provides users with consistent, reliable access to content, while ensuring it never leaves the repository. With the increasing need to secure and control content, it is critical that any viewing and collaboration tool be able to ensure compliance of confidential information.

OpenText Brava! overview

OpenText Brava! is a secure viewer that provides access to content in virtually any format, on any device, without allowing the source file to be edited. It enables users to view the content they need and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders. Brava! does this all within defined business rules so organizations can operate efficiently, while meeting compliance and security objectives.

Brava!'s customizability, scalability and minimal user training requirements make large deployments and rapid adoption a reality in any business environment. It eliminates the need to install native applications on every desktop and is compatible with all major web browsers, so it works on PCs, Macs, and most smartphones and tablets.

Brava! robust feature set and seamless out-of-the-box integrations to leading ECM systems, including OpenText Content Suite Platform and OpenText Documentum Webtop and D2, make it the leading universal viewer among enterprise content management (ECM) customers.

Looking for a desktop solution? OpenText Brava! Desktop is available for standalone or network deployments.

Brava desktop screenshot

OpenText Brava! features

  • Universal viewing

    Universal viewing

    View and collaborate on practically any file type without needing the native applications.

  • Performance features

    Performance features

    Search features, page thumbnails and fast viewing allow quick access to specific content.

  • Easy-to-use redaction tools

    Easy-to-use redaction tools

    Completely remove sensitive data from documents, not just hide it. Create group-based views to allow some users access to restricted content, while serving others a redacted view.

  • Secure publishing

    Secure publishing

    Publish files to TIFF, PDF or OpenText's secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) with persistent file security, including password protection and an expiration date.

  • Changemark and Checkview

    Changemark and Checkview

    Step through Changemark comments and Checkview notes to ensure nothing is missed.

  • 3D support (available at an additional cost)

    3D support (available at an additional cost)

    Rotate and zoom, explode assemblies, view cross sections, take measurements, locate parts, browse part information and share views.

  • Electronic signatures

    Electronic signatures

    Add digital signature annotations to any workflow or business process.

  • High-fidelity vector viewing

    High-fidelity vector viewing

    See crisp detail at any zoom level.

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What are the benefits of OpenText Brava!

  • Ensure efficient, electronic collaboration and reviews

    Perform simultaneous or serial review processes electronically for more efficient reviews and ensure all markups are handled according to business rules.

  • Work with any file type

    Collaborate on practically any type of file, including Microsoft® Office documents, PDFs and CAD drawings, as well as multi-content files and xrefs, images and video clips.

  • Get digital access from anywhere

    Leverage secure viewing and collaboration within one intuitive, browser-based interface.

  • Keep it secure

    Operate efficiently, while meeting compliance and security objectives.

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