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OpenText Core Capture

Automate process initiation across departments with a single platform

Quickly get up and running with OpenText Core Capture.

OpenText Core Capture overview

OpenText Core Capture is a SaaS-based capture application that provides omnichannel capabilities to automate classification and keyword extraction.

Combining standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful machine learning, Core Capture automates content ingestion, speeding up information routing to the right users and systems in the organization.

OpenText Core Capture features

  • Multiple capture toolsets for high accuracy data extraction

    Defines document types and extracts text to understand the context and employ efficient processes with a multiengine approach that ensures documents are ready for use after capture.

  • Embedded machine learning

    Enhances the quality of keyword identification and document classification with machine learning algorithms for improved accuracy, reducing the need for users to fill in metadata.

  • Smart document classification

    Ensures new content is aligned with existing business processes to automate processes and secure documents. Uses multiple methods to classify both standard document types as well as free form boxes for unclassified documents.

  • Template designer

    Defines common captured documents to speed straight-through processing. Sets regional or global capture profiles to ensure regional differences in invoices, pay slips and other document types are captured and the correct metadata is applied.

Core Capture benefits

  • Leverage a single platform across all departments and locations world-wide

    Support all users and processes, whether onboarding or Accounts Payable, in an easy to manage single solution.

  • Simplify compliance and access to documents

    Automatically classify content, including paper and email attachments, as it enters the organization to ensure it is properly identified based on security and compliance tags, such as Personally Identifying Information (PII), geo-location and contracts.

  • Reduces user burden for tedious tasks

    Eliminate time consuming tasks, such as entering metadata for captured content, automatically and at greater depth.

Other Core Capture solutions

  • Core Capture Services

    Includes microservices designed specifically for straight-through processing via OCR, information extraction and document recognition engines. Provides both basic and advanced capture that can be used as part of cloud-based business process.

  • OpenText Core Capture for SAP® Solutions

    Provides cloud-based capture specifically configured and certified to work cloud-to-cloud with SAP and ensure that incoming documents are classified, key information is extracted via OCR and metadata is added for use in SAP.

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