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OpenText Intelligent Capture

Automate process initiation across departments with a single platform

Capture content automatically with OpenText Intelligent Capture's integrated machine learning.

What is Intelligent Capture?

Intelligent capture automates content ingestion, speeding up the routing of information to the right users and system in the organization. It provides an entry point for intelligent process automation (IPA) by removing unnecessary steps from users. Combining standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful machine learning, capture extracts information from content and automatically routes it to the right user and right lead system.

OpenText Intelligent Capture overview

OpenText Intelligent Capture, formerly OpenText Captiva, is an enterprise capture platform, providing omni-channel capabilities for collecting everything from scanned paper to chatbots. It is not just for organizing content at the front door, but automating processes across the enterprise. It can automate processes for standard documents, such as Financial Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, or complex documents, such as contracts or partner requests that require action based on the document’s content.

OpenText Intelligent Capture also provides operational efficiency by classifying and routing any piece of content that that comes into the organization, from mobile images to paper to PDF invoices. The solution is able to provide the connections to automate any process without additional steps.

By controlling and automating the addition of metadata and classification, organizations can be sure all content is easy to find and manage in content services and business applications.

Intelligent Capture features

  • Deployment options

    Take control of capture operations with a scalable platform that offers a choice of deployment, whether utilizing an internal infrastructure or a certified cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure.

  • Multiple capture toolsets for high accuracy data extraction

    Define the document type and extract the text to understand the context and employ efficient processes with a multi-engine approach that ensures documents are ready for use after capture.

  • CaptureFlow workflow engine provides routing of information to directly to lead systems

    Route information with a simple-to-use workflow to reduce the process initiation time without requiring complex system integrations.

  • Embedded machine learning

    Teach the system how to see new content with machine learning algorithms for improved accuracy and process automation to speed straight-through processing of business processes.

  • Secure connectors for hybrid deployments and multi-site distributed capture

    Ensure data is encrypted both at rest and in-flight between Intelligent Capture and connected systems whether in the same data center or in a different cloud.

  • Smart document classification

    Ensure new content is aligned with existing business processes to automate processes and secure documents. Intelligent Capture uses multiple methods to classify both standard document types as well as novel content that may be related to business processes.

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Intelligent Capture benefits

  • Intelligent process initiation

    Offers a single point of capture that can determine the document type and related process without human intervention. By extracting the data and sending the characterized data to lead systems, provides users the information they need in the systems they want, in realtime.

  • Single platform deployed across all departments and locations world-wide

    Supports all the different users and processes, no matter if they are as different as onboarding or Accounts Payable, in an easy to manage single solution.

  • Reduces user burden for tedious tasks

    Eliminates time consuming tasks that take users away from high value tasks, such as entering metadata for captured content, automatically and at greater depth.

  • Simplify compliance and access to documents

    Automatically classifies content as it enters the organization to ensure that incoming content, including paper and email attachments, are properly identified based on all types of security and compliance tags, such as Personally Identifying Information (PII), geo-location and contracts.

Intelligent Capture solutions

  • Intelligent Capture Standard

    A complete Intelligent Capture solution that includes advanced recognition of documents across multiple departments and processes.

  • Intelligent Capture Enterprise

    A highly scalable, high-throughput solution providing additional services and SDK for multi-lead system deployments.

  • Intelligent Capture Real-Time

    Head-less capture processing for high-throughput mobile content and centralized processing.

  • AI-augmented Capture

    For organizations with complex omni-channel processes that would benefit from the advanced artificial intelligence of OpenText Magellan to prioritize and route ad hoc content.

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