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OpenText Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions

Combine the unstructured content in Documentum with the structured data and processes managed by SAP to work with content in context

What is extended enterprise content management?

Extended enterprise content management (ECM) integrates enterprise content management with lead applications to bridge content silos and deliver content in context for more effective business processes.

OpenText Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions overview

OpenText Extended ECM Documentum for SAP® Solutions integrates OpenText Documentum with SAP solutions, such as ERP, ECC and S/4HANA. Users can easily access all the relevant information contained in Documentum directly from the SAP interface, within the context of an SAP business process. Alternatively, working from Documentum, users can see hierarchies of content enriched with key business data from SAP.

True two-way integration ensures that information and content are accurate and provide a single source of truth, while decreasing the complexity of the IT and business landscapes.

OpenText Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions features

  • Single source of truth

    Provides a single source of truth when storing information, regardless of which application the work originated, for consistent data throughout the process.

  • Single Sign On

    Eliminates the need to constantly enter login credentials when switching between applications. With the OTDS embedded into the solution, users can bypass the login procedure.

  • 360° view of the information

    Allows access to all relevant information contained in Documentum directly from the SAP interface, and vice versa. Offers a view of content hierarchies in Documentum enriched with key business data from SAP.

  • Unified user interface

    Ensures information is available in the application of choice to allow end users to work from their single preferred interface, eliminating the need to switch between windows.

  • Flexible cloud architecture

    Offers a managed hosting approach where OpenText maintains the solution and ensures upgrades.

  • Integrated editing and annotation

    Mark, edit and annotate documents directly from the ERP system, eliminating the need to switch applications to accomplish a simple task.

  • Shared infrastructure

    Links existing Documentum landscapes and SAP to allow content to reside in the existing Documentum instance without the need for a complex migration process.

  • Built-in templating

    Organizes data according to predefined structures and assigned permissions (user-roles) to ensure data consistency across all organizational units.

OpenText and SAP better together eBook: Finding new ways to deliver value for customers around the world

Extended ECM Documentum for SAP Solutions benefits

  • Simplify IT landscape

    Productize the integration between two leading applications, removing the need for IT to maintain custom code or reduce the overall IT landscape by removing point solutions or outdated applications.

  • Provide an out-of-the-box solution

    Minimize the project efforts required to configure the solution with less coding and more features delivered out-of-the-box to ensure project success.

  • Deploy a common user interface

    Allow users to work in the context of the application they are comfortable with, avoiding costly retraining and increasing user adoption.

  • Leverage the power of the cloud

    Benefit from a hybrid-cloud approach to ensure the solution is always up-to-date with access to the latest features.

  • Combine structured and unstructured data

    Utilize two-way integration offered by xECM.

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