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OpenText Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes

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Capture, manage the lifecycle, and streamline discovery processes for all regulated email communications within your organization

OpenText™ Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes (formerly Livelink ECM - Email Archiving for Lotus Notes) provides a robust solution for archiving and retrieving all of the email content sent or received by specific accounts within your organization-ensuring that the complete range of electronic communications of specific users and groups is fully archived and auditable.

For example, this process of capturing all email communications, called journaling, enables a financial services institution–where regulations demand all dealer-broker communications be available for immediate audit–to ensure regulatory compliance.


  • Make compliance a transparent part of communications
  • Ensure the security of journaled email
  • Support legal and litigation processes
  • Address compliance requirements worldwide, including SEC 17a-4 and NASD 400
  • Extend into a complete compliance solution
  • Manage email retention and disposition with classifications: Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes conducts structured retention and disposition management of all email, allowing you to decide how long emails are kept and when they are automatically destroyed.

    Furthermore, automatic classification capabilities extract relevant metadata from email content (such as by importance flags, or dates) and apply the appropriate classification and retention lifecycle. When the specified period has elasped, Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes ensures that archived email are deleted.
  • Control how information is retained: Regulations often govern not just how long information is kept, but also how it is kept. For example, SEC 17a-4 requires organizations to retain appropriate dealer-broker correspondences for a period of three years, on a non-rewritable storage media. With Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes, you can automate the process of ensuring that email is stored on the appropriate storage media, in compliance with regulations.
  • Monitor who has searched for, retrieved and viewed emails: Comprehensive audit trail functionality provides records of who has retrieved and viewed specific emails from the archive. The audit trail contains the history of events concerning journaled emails. An audit trail lists the type of operation performed on the item, the date and time of the operation and the user who performed the operation. If the activity involves a change, such as renaming the file or updating the metadata, the audit trail reflects the old information.
  • Find email content using OpenText's robust search engine technology: The advanced search form enables managers and auditors to build complex search queries using system and custom metadata, retention and disposition classifications, Boolean operators, and modifiers such as Soundex and a thesaurus. Search result pages provide result rankings, automatic summaries, clustered result themes, hit-highlighting and Find Similar. Users can save queries, result snapshots and multiple search form templates.

    Retrieved emails are accessible from a single click in the search results, which immediately retrieves and displays the message.
  • Extend with optional supervision capabilities: Extract a random sampling of archived email content and automate the process of routing it to an internal reviewer. Reviewers can then grade email in accordance with external regulatory demands (such as SEC 17a-4) or internal policy requirements (such as monitoring sales quotes).
  • No client installation required streamlines adoption: Since it requires no individual installations on user workstations, it can be rolled out to as many users within your organization as required, in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, users experience no change in the way their email functionality behaves, helping to ensure immediate adoption.

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