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OpenText Email Management for Lotus Notes

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Address storage and archiving requirements while extracting the maximum value from business-critical email content

Organizations are often challenged by the ambiguity of information that is being stored in their email servers. It becomes increasingly difficult to assess and understand what content is locked away in user email accounts, let alone focus how to extract and use it. They need an automated and reliable way of categorizing high-value information and a targeted approach to moving this information into a more accessible system.


  • Extract the maximum value from email content
  • Ensure the longevity, security, and evidential weight of email content
  • Reduce costs by optimizing email server performance
  • Reduce support overhead
  • Scale with the growing enterprise
  • Accelerate user adoption with transparent integration
  • Enable compliance with U.S. DoD 5015.2

OpenText™ Email Management for Lotus Notes (formerly Livelink ECM - Email Management for Lotus Notes) combines foundational email archiving with robust records management capabilities, helping enable organizations to make the most out of the mission-critical content contained in corporate communications. With Email Management for Lotus Notes, organizations can define, secure and control the process by which email content is managed, retained and destroyed.

  • Define how long emails are kept, using Records Management to run structured retention periods: Structured retention and disposition management lets you selectilvey determine how long emails are kept, define and enforce the process by which they are archived, and ensure their eventual destruction.
  • Archive content interactively or automatically: Email Management for Lotus Notes integrates with Lotus Notes, enabling users to drag and drop emails directly into records management-enabled folders. Even though the message is moved out of the email server, a stub reference is placed in the user's inbox and the email message content can still be accessed with a single click, and immediately retrieved.

    In addition to enabling you to interactively archive and classify emails, Email Management routinely scans the folders in your email system and applies pre-configured archiving rules. For example, all emails older than 3 months may be moved to the archive, or all emails exceeding 5 MB in size.
  • Review a complete audit trail of the activities concerning email content: Email Management for Lotus Notes retains a complete audit trail surrounding the activities associated with email documents that have been deemed records. For example, with a single click, you can quickly review and understand the history behind a particular email, such as who decided to declare it a corporate record, when it was declared inactive in the lifecycle, and when and by whom it was destroyed.
  • Access archived email content with full-text search: Complete integration between Email Management for Lotus Notes and mail client interfaces and servers provides administrators, reviewers and auditors with immediate access to powerful OpenText search capabilities. Advanced search capabilities including system and custom metadata, Boolean operators, thesaurus, result rankings, automatic summaries, clustered result themes and hit-highlighting ensure rapid access to archived email content.

    By exposing email content to enterprise search capabilities, companies can begin to make full use of the information contained in email messages, throughout the organization.
  • Provide immediate access to archived email: Archived emails are displayed with a single click–retrieval from the archive is completely transparent to users. Users can then edit, forward, move to other folders, or re-load the email onto the mail server. Users need access to the right information at all times, whether working from the office or remotely. Likewise, customer interactions must be based on the most recent data to maximize sales opportunities and ensure outstanding customer service and increased revenues. Email Management for Lotus Notes provides users with continued access to archived email, even away from the office.
  • Deploy with no client installation required: Completely Web-based, Email Management for Lotus Notes is quickly deployed and requires no client installation. Since it requires no individual installations on user workstations, it can be rolled out to as many users within your organization as required, in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, users experience no change in the way their email functionality behaves, helping to ensure immediate adoption.

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