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OpenText Archive for Google Apps

Email continues to be a mission-critical business application at the core of how organizations communicate, and highly personal method of communication. As email volumes continue to increase and IT infrastructure cost and complexity rise, legal and compliance risks grow. Having an effective program in place for managing information, in particular email, is a necessity as organizations reduce cost and legal risks.

One approach employed by both public and private enterprises to lessen this burden has been the adoption of cloud based email systems. Cloud certainly brings some significant business benefits around cost predictability and streamlining IT infrastructure. It also brings some new obstacles for legal departments, and records managers looking to manage the information lifecycle, and meet legal and compliance obligations.

OpenText™ Archive for Google Apps captures all inbound, outbound, internal and historical email communications ensuring organizations can meet their legal obligations and regulatory requirements. Data is journaled directly from Google Apps to the OpenText repository on premise data is de-duplicated, metadata is extracted, retention policies are applied and data is indexed and stored in the OpenText Archive.

OpenText Archive for Google Apps provides a broad range of storage, retention and records management capabilities. End users can continue to work in GoogleMail while legal users and Records managers ensure your organization is responsive to legal and audit requests and in compliance with written policies. OpenText Archive is storage agnostic and supports content lifecycle management with multi-tiered storage models from WORM, JBOD, and SATA drives to long term storage on tape.

Driven by cost efficiencies and collaboration, organizations have also started expanding the use of productivity tools like GoogleDocs. This approach presents organizations with challenges of trying to balance productivity and compliance. OpenText Archive for Google Apps helps bridge that divide allowing users to remain working inside Google Docs, while ensuring native GoogleDocs as well as content types imported into Google can be classified, preserved and managed centrally in a single repository.