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OpenText Documentum xCP

Automate information intensive business processes with a case management framework

OpenText Documentum xCP case management

What is case management?

Today's content services platforms help organizations manage vast quantities of information and address increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Case management solutions further consolidate the most relevant information, present it in the right context and provide tools that automate or facilitate making quick, informed decisions.

OpenText Documentum xCP overview

OpenText Documentum xCP offers a case management framework on which to build case management applications. Access the advanced capabilities of OpenText Documentum, to automate complex, information-intensive business processes and drive better business decisions.

The low-code, composition-focused, development environment simplifies the process of combining information to create dynamic case management solutions to address complex business challenges. Improve productivity, provide exceptional customer service and quickly adapt to changing processes and priorities by automating business processes with case management.

What’s new in Documentum xCP

  • Get a head start on application development

  • Predictive decision making

OpenText Documentum xCP case management features

OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP Designer integrates process design, user-experience composition, dynamic report creation, information modelling and comprehensive data services into a single, easy-to-use environment.

  • Pre-built case management application

    Offers a head-start on application development using the pre-built xCP Process Manager. Maps a variety of use cases to the application to cut development times and costs.

  • Graphical, "drag-and-drop," process and user interface design

    Supports composition instead of writing custom code, accelerating development and deployment of solutions. Contains a full library of prebuilt user interface widgets, business-process activity templates and data services.

  • Predictive decision making

    Uses content analytics and machine learning to drive better business outcomes by reporting on information or processes anywhere within the solution. Extracts context from information by leveraging built-in taxonomies. Detects patterns in information with metadata and full-text search.

  • Case collaboration

    Fosters collaboration with support for information, sharing or delegating tasks, collaborative content creation and review and multiparty discussion requests.

  • Data services

    Reduces the cost of coding and maintaining connections with external systems by leveraging standards-based messaging within a business process to enable data exchange with and triggering actions in other business systems. No custom code required.

  • Inline document viewing and markup

    Zooms, prints, rotates and searches content with an included web-based, zero-footprint viewer. Adds, deletes, reorders and extracts document pages. Supports third-party viewers with included pluggable document viewer framework.

Customer success stories

OpenText Documentum xCP benefits

  • Work smarter and faster

    Work smarter and faster

    Automate decision-oriented and exception-based business processes, streamline processes that draw information from multiple sources and put all relevant information in context.

  • Streamline key business processes

    Streamline key business processes

    Simplify and speed processes, improve customer service, ensure regulatory compliance and boost productivity by streamlining a wide range of business processes to bring new efficiency and accuracy to core processes.

  • Create solutions 50 percent faster

    Create solutions 50 percent faster

    Create and deploy solutions faster and collaborate with business users to deliver solutions that meet their exact needs today and that evolve seamlessly for the future.

  • Gain intelligence with analytics

    Gain intelligence with analytics

    Use enhanced reporting capabilities to embed visual charts and dashboards anywhere within the solution. Detect patterns, search throughout solutions and gain new business insights. Incorporate the power of machine learning into day to day decisions.

  • Trusted, secure environment

    Trusted, secure environment

    Leverage object level security, permissions, authentication, authorization and auditing. Get strong levels of encryption, including compliance with FIPS and default 128-bit AES level encryption.

  • Enterprise scalability

    Enterprise scalability

    Maximize IT resource efficiency without accessibility limits. Scale to meet the most strenuous requirements while ensuring constant enforcement of governance policies, regardless of location.

  • Deploy in the cloud

    Deploy in the cloud

    Run anywhere with cloud-native technologies that vastly simplify deployments.

  • Be ready for the future

    Be ready for the future

    Evolve faster than ever to improve the quality of key decisions and outcomes and deliver significant value and cost savings.

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