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OpenText Documentum solutions and utilities

Built on the solid foundations of the OpenText Documentum Platform to solve specific departmental needs

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What are departmental solutions?

Departmental solutions normally stand on their own, optimized for the needs of a specific department but out of context with the needs of the rest of the company. They can create silos of information that are out of reach of other departments that could benefit from it. Departmental solutions built on the foundations of OpenText Documentum are able to benefit diverse departments, users and functions across the enterprise.

OpenText Documentum departmental solutions overview

The day to day activities of multiple Lines-of-Business, such as IT departments and Finance departments, are very different. But, they all require information to be organized, preserved and easily accessible, while adhering to privacy and security protocols.

Documentum provides Accounts Payable solutions for the Finance Department, migration tools for the IT department and reporting tools for Line-of-Business department heads to visualize information in their teams, all benefitting from the solid foundations and capabilities of the Documentum Platform.

Documentum solutions and utilities

  • OpenText APxCelerator

    Ensures maximum automation from the point invoices arrive by scan, fax or email, through to posting to any ERP system, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, SAP and McKesson. Run APxCelerator, cloud native software anywhere, providing immediate payables, financial and process visibility. Offers objective, insightful data for process improvement, allowing a business to measurably identify exceptions and holds within the Accounts Payable process from day one. Watch the demo video

    Screenshot of APxCelerator matching invoice lines to PO or receipt lines
  • OpenText ContentBridge

    Swiftly migrates data between systems with a powerful, easy-to-use extract transform validate load (ETVL) tool that. Leverages a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to make migrations, transformations and content transfer activities easy for users to configure and operate. Moves content from SharePoint into Documentum, or whole files shares into OpenText InfoArchive to quickly realize value from business content and reduce the number of overlapping applications to cut IT cost and complexity. Watch the demo video

    Screenshot of OpenText ContentBridge showing the graphical mapping process
  • OpenText Documentum Reports

    Enables business users to create custom reports using editable templates and an easy-to-use report-creation wizard. Generates high quality graphics and charts to visually illustrate complex business data in OpenText Documentum Webtop, OpenText Documentum D2, OpenText Documentum xCP and more. Allows business users and managers to create quick reports from multiple data sources for audits, sales reports, financial updates and many other ad-hoc business purposes. Watch the demo video

    Screenshot of Documentum Reports showing bar charts, pie charts and other visuals that can be created

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