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OpenText Documentum governance and compliance

Protect information, safeguard business-critical records and manage retention policies

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What is governance and compliance?

Governance, risk management and compliance are increasingly being prioritized within organizations. The corporate misdemeanors of the recent past, and the resulting fines, refunds and brand damage have driven organizations and government agencies to address the “loose governance” standards of the past.

As a result, organizations are much more aware of potential risks, and many have made good governance a strategic priority. At this same time, governments are imposing more laws and rules to tighten up business practices, such as The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

OpenText Documentum governance and compliance overview

Enabling good governance best practice and enabling organizations to comply with regulatory standards are the foundations of OpenText Documentum. Documentum comprises a comprehensive set of security and compliance services to protect company information by preventing its unauthorized access and use.
To support each organization’s requirements, Documentum provides tools for additional protection of the repository and business-critical records as well as managing retention policies. These additional products include:

OpenText Documentum governance and compliance features

  • Dynamic access controls

    Dynamic access controls

    Enforces security and individual access control policies based on a combination of rules and requirements. Manages dynamic access controls, based on individual privileges, project-specific security or variables, such as a user’s role or geographic location.

  • Repository encryption

    Repository encryption

    Protects against unauthorized access to critical business information with repository encryption, an operating system-level security break and unauthorized access to repository files.

  • Electronic signatures

    Electronic signatures

    Verifies the authenticity of signed content with FDA-compliant electronic signatures, enabling signing with a higher level of authentication, and associate them with any information object or event, such as process tasks.

  • Digital shredding

    Digital shredding

    Securely disposes of information to ensure it cannot be subsequently retrieved, even using forensic methods that analyze residual magnetism on the storage media.

  • Records lifecycle management

    Records lifecycle management

    Ensures compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements to controls the entire lifecycle of corporate records, creation, safeguard, access and destruction, according to a broad range of policies.

  • Physical records management

    Physical records management

    Extends content services-based solutions beyond electronic records to manage paper, microfiche and other types of physical records.

  • Retention policy services

    Retention policy services

    Easily retains and disposes of documents according to internal policies or external mandates, with approvals as part of workflows and business processes.

  • Automated disposal services

    Automated disposal services

    Applies mandatory conditions for destruction or requires prior, authority-based approvals with automatic and manual support prior to automated disposition.

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OpenText Documentum Governance and Compliance benefits

  • Ensure content security

    Seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise security and identify management infrastructure, while automating security based on content attributes and user roles.

  • Improved productivity

    Automate records declarations by leveraging content attributes and business rules while ensuring mandatory conditions for destruction.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Extend certifications and support for standards in highly regulated industries, including DOD5015.2, Baseline Records Management and Classified Records, Common Criteria (required by US Department of Defense and others) and NARA.

  • Complete visibility

    Ensure compliance and limit the exposure for future audits with audit trails for all authentication, records and retention policy creation, adjustments and applications.

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