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OpenText Documentum eRoom

Enable distributed teams to collaborate on content in Documentum and work more efficiently

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What is online collaboration software?

Online collaboration software enables teams to efficiently work together despite geographic locations. In the rush to tie together the "back office," many companies have automated and increased efficiency between software systems but neglected interpersonal processes. While many back-office technologies focus on system-to-system collaboration, they do not account for these interpersonal processes, or "air gaps", that require human intervention and interaction. Online collaboration software addresses the interactions between the people responsible for running projects and processes to create efficient collaboration.

OpenText Documentum eRoom overview

OpenText Documentum eRoom is a collaborative application that helps create efficiency in daily tasks. The solution allows users to seamlessly collaborate on projects, programs and processes to eliminate the gaps that put pressure on profitability and time to market.

OpenText Documentum eRoom

OpenText Documentum eRoom features

  • Robust collaboration

    Robust collaboration

    Provides an enterprise repository across collaborative workspaces.

  • Business process support

    Business process support

    Extends business processes across the firewall while maintaining the security of the internal repository.

  • Classification support

    Classification support

    Supports the classification of collaborative content according to corporate taxonomies.

  • Web-based interface

    Web-based interface

    Requires only an internet connection and browser, especially useful for geographically dispersed workers.

OpenText Documentum eRoom benefits

  • Improves enterprise knowledge work

    Leverage a virtual meeting space online to work on projects and collaborate on common initiatives.

  • Accelerates collaboration and group tasks

    Give employees and customers a web-based space to meet, manage projects or share calendars, reports and ideas.

  • Give users control

    Let members of the project team members run and manage online rooms without IT support.

  • Optimizes business processes

    Leverage collaboration features integrated with Documentum to set automatic versioning on documents and store files and their associated online threaded discussions.

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