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OpenText Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing

Control critical quality documentation, streamline and automate processes with compliance

Find out how to control quality and manufacturing documents and automate workflows across the extended Life Sciences enterprise.
Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing

What is quality and manufacturing document management for Life Sciences

Life sciences companies must conform to strict health authority regulations in all product manufacturing processes. This includes strict management and governance of related content, which is generally created by Research and Development, routed to various teams for review and approval and submitted to health authorities for initial approval. The content is then handed over to Manufacturing, who may create additional content and ensure adequate maintenance of these documents. The processes for creating, maintaining, revising and training on these documents must be carefully controlled based on current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

OpenText Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing overview

Manage quality and manufacturing documents, automate workflows across the extended enterprise, and ensure compliance with current GMP standards with OpenText Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing. Part of the OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences solution, Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing manages and controls the documentation lifecycle with industry-specific data models, audit trails, reporting and e-signature support.

OpenText Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing features

  • Fast, efficient authoring

    Streamline the creation, review, approval and change management of documents governing manufacturing, quality, compliance and other processes across the extended enterprise.

  • Document change management

    Simplify the periodic review and change request processes to strike a balance between flexibility and control that reduces training requirements and increases adoption.

  • Automate document distribution

    Release and automatically send "Read and Understood" actions with enhanced training records retention.

  • Support the technical transfer process

    Seamlessly transfer documents between the regulatory and quality domains in a single step while providing document traceability.

  • Maintain data across entire lifecycle

    Maintain connection at the product level and harmonize data with OpenText Documentum for Research and Development to cover the full product lifecycle from development to manufacturing.

  • Cloud-native runs anywhere

    Deploy on-premises or in any cloud to make it easier than ever to upgrade to the latest version and take advantage of new features, capabilities and updates.

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Benefits of OpenText Documentum for Quality and Manufacturing

  • Increase flexibility and control

    Predefined, yet flexible, business rules streamline creation, approval, change control and retrieval of quality and manufacturing documents.

  • Improve realtime visibility

    Easily demonstrate compliance with access control, detailed audit trails, e-approvals and e-signatures. Gain insight on day-to-day performance around the globe.

  • Provide seamless content sharing

    Eliminate unnecessarily importing and exporting content from one system to another with a single authoritative source that manages clinical, regulatory and quality content and processes.

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