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Unified Messaging Solution OpenText CX-E Voice

Empower staff with Unified Messaging and an AI Personal Assistant

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OpenText CX-E Voice overview

Transition unified communications to the cloud without leaving investments behind

The OpenText™ CX-E Voice solution, available on-premises or in the cloud, allows organizations to unlock a unified communications infrastructure with new functionality, such as Unified Messaging, Voicemail, Transcription, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Center, a Speech-Driven Personal Assistant and Automated Attendant as well as Automated Call and Text Notifications.

With industry-leading interoperability, CX-E Voice integrates with almost any PBX (on-premises or cloud-based) and email solution. It facilitates uplifting communications to the cloud, and introduces AI-driven automation.


OpenText CX-E Voice features

  • Offers flexible deployment and consumption

    Deploys on-premises or any cloud through CAPEX for perpetual use with on-going maintenance, or OPEX for subscription managed services.

  • Adds artificial intelligence and hyper automation

    Delivers a speech-driven personal assistant, speech-driven directory/automated attendant and automated outbound call/text notifications.

  • Streamlines remote and mobile communications

    Leverages unified messaging technology, voicemail transcription, remote call center agents, mobile and web client technology to enable remote and mobile workforces.

  • Uplifts unified communication

    Offers integrations with Apple, Avaya, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, Ribbon Communications and more to easily migrate from on-premises to the cloud.

  • High availability and disaster recovery

    Incorporates high availablity, disaster recovery and georedundancy into the solution architecture at a core level, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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OpenText CX-E Voice benefits

  • Move to the cloud

    Migrate to the cloud at the right pace for the organization with a solution that simultaneously works with on-premises and cloud PBX as well as email solutions.

  • Empower the mobile/telework office

    Allow staff to work anywhere with unified messaging systems, mobile and web clients, a remote agent call center and other powerful mobility features.

  • Modernize business communications with speech

    Improve customer experience and free up staff with automated speech capabilities and message transcription.

  • Increase messaging security

    Improve compliance within regulated industries, such as healthcare, education, legal, finance and government, with secure end-to-end voice messaging.

  • Streamline workflows

    Simplify messaging with single inbox delivery and increase call completion with an AI personal assistant.


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