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OpenText Web Experience Recommendations

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Organizations expend an enormous amount of effort implementing on-line marketing campaigns designed to attract, convert, and retain customers. Getting the appropriate message to the right audience is essential. Are you attracting high value on-line visitors to your Web and mobile channels? Are you able to present contextual and engaging content to each visitor to create a 1:1 relationship? Are you achieving your goals for engagement, conversions, and revenue?

Open Text Web Experience Recommendations can help you increase your online conversion rates, lower customer support cost, and generate more qualified leads. It does so by making recommendations across all sales and marketing channels—including email, in-store kiosks, or within customer service environments—to optimize each phase of your online marketing campaign lifecycle and provide customers with a more relevant Web experience. As part of our Customer Experience Management portfolio, it creates personal solutions for acquiring new customers, supporting your existing customers better, and growing the ones you have.

Create more relevant Web experiences for your customers

Open Text Web Experience Recommendations can be applied across a number of different business areas. To support media, it delivers compelling and popular content to new visitors, allowing for more targeted advertising. Marketing efforts can be augmented by guiding site visitors to the most useful and contextually relevant content with fewer clicks. Online support can be improved through faster issue resolution. For sites driving eCommerce, OpenText Web Recommendations enables more effective upselling and cross-selling a diverse set of products at multiple buyer engagement points.

Trusted by some of the Internet’s most heavily trafficked sites, OpenText Web Experience Recommendations software improves online conversion, integrates with commerce, search, or analytics platforms, and deploys in days for fast return on investment.

OpenText Web Experience Recommendations products give you the capabilities to optimize each phase of your on-line marketing campaign lifecycle and provide customers with a more relevant Web experience, based on the following features:

Making recommendations across all channels:

  • Recommending Similar Products: Automatically match each visitor's intent with compelling content, product services through your Web, mobile and email channels to increase engagement and conversion rates, along with up-sell of products
  • Popular Product Recommendations: Display the most popular products with the greatest appeal to increase conversion rates
  • AdGuide Product Recommendations: Recognize visitor’s intent expressed from a search engine query and display relevant products on landing pages; deliver SEO/SEM landing pages that can increase conversion rates
  • Forum Topic Recommendations: Identify content most relevant to the visitor, whether it is a hot topic or common knowledge that the community has developed; eliminate the need to create “stickies” that are labor intensive to maintain and irrelevant to intermediate or advanced users

Generating valuable insights:

  • Show real time analysis of products with rising popularity
  • Highlight product gaps and new revenue opportunities
  • Help optimize promotional merchandizing efforts

Leveraging social search

  • Dynamically reorder site search results for each visitor to present the most engaging content to improve conversions
  • Return content based on intent, offering more accurate search results than traditional keyword search
  • Reduce calls to customer service centers and increase customer satisfaction by delivering results through faceted navigation links

Support for AutoFAQ

  • Automatically generate links to FAQ content that is most relevant to the visitor’s needs and reduce clicks related content
  • Help eliminate the need for support personnel to maintain links throughout the site

Other OpenText Web Experience Recommendations components include:

  • OpenText Email Campaign Recommendations: Displays product and content recommendations directly within your email campaigns to generate more purchases and more return visits to your website.
  • OpenText Web Landing Pages: Generates targeted landing pages based on visitor intent; create campaign-specific landing pages that match paid search keywords to deliver a user experience that is consistent in context and rich in relevant content (such as videos, articles, products, and more)
  • OpenText Web Search Insights: Recommends onsite, organic, and original search terms used by your community to drive user engagement, acquire higher quality traffic, decrease Pay Per Click on lower quality traffic, and improve your returns on investment in advertising.
  • OpenText Social Search for Catalogs: Uses visitor behavior to optimize content and product recommendations across nearly all customer touch points.