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OpenText High Performance Web Delivery

Create compelling online experiences through highly targeted, personalized content

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The web has created savvy and empowered consumers who prefer their own methods for finding, researching, and purchasing products and services online. Basically, if you don’t present the right content the first time around, you won’t get a second chance.

Keeping today’s consumers engaged requires delivering dynamic and tailored websites that are constantly updated with the most relevant information. While most content delivery networks and other caching solutions are good at addressing the needs of static content, they fall short in delivering dynamic page components. OpenText High Performance Web Delivery is a caching solution that addresses both static and dynamic page components. It provides a unique, integrated combination of real-time caching and intelligent cache management that improves dynamic website performance and makes your sites more scalable, while reducing cost and manual overhead.

What can OpenText High Performance Web Delivery Do For You?

OpenText High Performance Web Delivery delivers the following benefits:

  • Optimize online experience by delivering fresh, customized content
  • Improve site responsiveness
  • Control the costs associated with poor site performance
  • Maintain site continuity

Why Choose OpenText High Performance Web Delivery?

  • Supports Dynamic Web Sites: You can set varying caching parameters on portions or regions within a web page, including the exclusion of personalized elements that don't require caching.
  • Responsive Design: You can set caching parameters on pages or sections of pages (portlets) without programming, using the familiar administration consoles. Training costs are low and ongoing administration time and complexity is minimal.
  • Ensured Site Continuity: Optional web tier caching for Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, and IBM HTTP Server continues to deliver cached pages during planned or unplanned application server down time.

OpenText High Performance Web Delivery is designed for organizations with high traffic, content-centric sites that want to optimize dynamic website scalability and performance, while reducing costs.

Its sophisticated dependency management architecture helps ensure the freshest, most recently updated content is displayed on the site and contained within the cache at all times to reduce risk while delivering the most compelling experiences.

Intelligent Cache Management

  • Track all content associated with one or more pages or page components.
  • When content changes are detected, High Performance Web Delivery proactively updates the cache and regenerates dependent pages.
  • Easily determine if expired high-volume page components or parts of a page require regeneration at the point changes are made instead of when the new page is being requested by a user. This minimizes the performance impact of refreshing high-traffic pages.
  • Reduce loads and load spikes, thereby reducing hardware needs and costs.

Responsive and User-Friendly Administration

  • Designed for policy-based management, which allows for caching based on various criteria, including: what to cache, how to cache, and when to cache.
  • Business or administrative users are able to set caching parameters with a point-and-click interface that doesn’t require IT resources.
  • A caching summary allows administrators to easily view current caching policies.
  • Modify caching parameters on pages or sections of pages without programming, using familiar administration consoles.

Flexible Architecture

  • Supports web tier and application tier caching, is highly configurable and will support fail over, and accesses content that resides within and outside of OpenText delivery applications.
  • Complementary to Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching solutions because it allows CDNs to pull refreshed content from High Performance Web Delivery.

System Health Monitoring

  • The High Performance Web Delivery console provides indicators to alert administrators of any system issues.
  • The optional web tier caching for Apache, IIS, and IBM® HTTP web servers continues to deliver cached pages during planned or unplanned application server downtime.