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OpenText Campaign Management

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Leading organizations use OpenText Campaign Management to automatically follow up on requests for information, nurture and qualify leads, convert prospects to customers, increase customer value and retention, and win back lost customers. It delivers highly personalized content to individual recipients through online and offline touch points. From simple campaigns to sophisticated marketing programs, Open Text Campaign Management enables the easy design, execution, and measurement of multipart, results-driven communications across a variety of channels, including Web sites, portals, email, mobile devices, and direct mail pieces.

Automated Program Execution

Realize significant marketing return on investment with targeted, measurable content marketing programs. Business users can quickly and easily plan, create and deploy multi-step interactive dialogues and campaigns using a simple and intuitive graphical environment. Personalized messages are automatically triggered by specific responses or events such as online registrations or purchases, survey participation, product downloads, or customer service calls. Any sequence of communications can be pre-planned to occur automatically in response to a recipient's actions.

Personalized multi-channel customer experiences

Transform your Web sites and portals, email, print, fax, and even telephone conversations into one-to-one, automated dialogues. OpenText Campaign Management puts powerful marketing programs on virtual autopilot with an automated, event-triggered system—offering a compelling customer experience with timely and relevant communications. Gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs with two-way interactions. Coordinate your message across multiple touch-points and deliver a consistent message for a richer, more integrated and successful CRM strategy.

OpenText Campaign Management provides value throughout the customer lifecycle by automating a series of two-way interactions with customers. Defined by business rules and triggered by events, a dialogue serves as a script for a compelling, personalized customer experience that unfolds for each individual.

Automated program execution

  • Email Templates and Surveys: Enable users to quickly create email surveys; includes conditional content.
  • Campaign Management Designer: Create sequenced, results-driven customer interactions through a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management Testing: Help ensure the readiness and seamlessness of your dialogue before programs are implemented with multiple, easy to use testing tools.
  • Multi-Email Support and Detection: Automatically send personalized messages in text or HTML, depending on the recipient’s system.
  • In-depth Reporting and Analysis: Gain detailed information about your program results through an extensive series of reports.
  • Marketer’s Console: Track customer responses and measure your marketing ROI, all in real time, right from your desktop; compare campaigns across multiple time periods for a more accurate view of results.
  • Cost Analysis: Capture and analyze both variable and fixed costs with detailed cost breakdowns.

Powerful and thoughtful campaigns

  • Multiple Forwards: Increase the participants by forwarding campaigns and dialogs to single or multiple recipients.
  • Segmentation Tools: Send the right message to the right individuals by identifying, selecting, and refining your targets both at the beginning of the dialog and while it is in process.
  • Personalization: Deliver communication that is customized to each individual from the contact information to the content to drive results and strengthen relationships.
  • Audience Sampling: Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with built-in capabilities, including random sampling and Nth number sampling, to improve your marketing message based upon what works.
  • Closed Loop Marketing: Automate effective message delivery and follow-up to enable a fully coordinated, end-to-end campaign that will help you drive your program to a profitable conclusion.
  • Email Campaign Recommendations: Display product and content recommendations directly within your email campaigns to generate more purchases and more return visits to your website.

Open, extensible architecture

  • Integration with Enterprise Systems: Integrate with existing sales force automation applications, call centers, data warehouses, analytics, packages, and web content management tools to provide a cohesive experience for the customer.
  • Integration with Dynamic External Data Sources: Incorporate live, dynamic data from external sources (up to date stock prices, news feeds, and weather updates).
  • Integration with Multiple Channels: Deliver a consistent message across multiple communication points (email, website, call centers, fulfillment) for a richer, more integrated CRM strategy.