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Web Optimization ToolOpenText Optimost

Deliver engaging, personalized websites through geotargeting and online customer segmentation.

What is website optimization?

Website optimization provides the best possible online customer experience by applying experimentation techniques, such as learnings gained from A/B testing tools, multivariate (MVT) testing and more. The best website optimization tools help enterprises with conversion rate optimization (CRO), either for specific landing pages or for entire websites.

OpenText Optimost overview

In 2001, OpenText Optimost originated the online optimization market. It is a hybrid offering with a SaaS platform and managed services that delivers unparalleled strategic and technical expertise via a “Solution-as-a-Service” model.

The solution helps create engaging, frictionless interactions that meet and exceed marketing goals, while testing and improving website personalization, geotargeting, segmentation, design and asset choices. It leverages actionable insights to better understand customer and site visitor behavior and address any weaknesses or areas of opportunity in the conversion funnel with website optimization services.

With Optimost, organizations can build specific target audiences effortlessly, based on a variety of attributes. Then, with powerful self-service A/B testing, marketers can create and check content quickly with on-the-glass editing, live preview and thorough reports to identify what performs best.

OpenText Managed Services offers strategic discussions and specialized training with OpenText experts. The team helps get the most from insights on any topic, including best practices, testing strategies and campaign results, to help meet business goals and overcome challenges. They can also benchmark site maturity against all other OpenText clients to identify areas of success and improvement opportunities to help build a winning site.

Web optimization features

  • A/B testing software

    Perform split testing between page variations to see which one provides a better customer experience.

  • Multivariate testing tool

    Take testing to another level and analyze experiences more granularly by understanding the individual impact of different variables, such as colors, text, images and more, on the overall goal as well as the impact of combining these variables.

  • Geotargeting and segmentation analysis

    Deliver highly targeted content to various customer segments, based on geography, IP address, referrers, devices and more.

  • WYSIWYG editor

    Edit rich text with a built-in WYSIWYG editor that enables users to quickly and easily change content on-the-go in realtime with no coding required.

  • Campaign and landing page optimization

    Generate results faster and increase conversion rates for digital campaigns and landing pages by tailoring the content to specific audiences.

  • Mobile optimization

    Use the built-in mobile emulator to accurately tailor content experiences for different device types and get insights for mobile-first design initiatives through experimentation and testing.

  • Custom reporting

    Track visits, unique visitors, views, bounce rates and time spent, sliced by more than 30 dimensions, and customize dashboards and reports to meet precise requirements.

  • Integrations

    Take advantage of Optimost’s built-in integrations with existing OpenText software solutions, including OpenText TeamSite and OpenText Media Management, to leverage Optimost’s flexible platform and easily integrate with other applications, including analytics, email and various third-party software.

Customer success stories

Web optimization benefits

  • Personalized experiences

    Boost online engagement with targeted content that is relevant to specific users, resulting in lower bounce rates and increased time spent on pages from visitors.

  • Improve conversion rate optimization

    Increase the number of conversions and turn visitors into highly qualified leads by showcasing actionable and meaningful content.

  • Insight into customer behaviors

    Get in-depth insights into online customer behaviors to help uncover opportunities and improvements for digital assets.

  • Real time updates

    Create tests and content updates in real time with the click of a button to help eliminate the need for coding knowledge and technical resources, helping save valuable time and money.

  • Evidence-based decisions

    Make informed decisions on improvements to websites and digital campaigns based on solid evidence and data generated from experiments and reports.

  • Competitive advantages

    Beat the competition by aligning tailored content with customer search queries, helping boost website and landing page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

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