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Customer Experience Analytics SoftwareOpenText Experience Analytics

Enhance digital experience applications with embedded analytics and predictive analytics insights

What is customer experience analytics?

Customer experience analytics enables enterprises to view digital experiences from the customers’ perspective to help uncover business intelligence (BI) insights and opportunities. The best customer experience analytics software solutions help visualize and interpret customer data through dashboard reporting and
BI reports in realtime.

Customer Experience Analytics overview

OpenText™ Experience Analytics is scalable analytics, reporting and data visualization software that enables teams to design, deploy and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. It provides users with information and data exploration as part of their day-to-day experiences across data sources.

Experience Analytics is the only digital experience platform that applies analytics in visual dashboards and reports in line with digital media asset management, web and communication platforms.

OpenText CCM data screen capture

Customer Experience Analytics features

  • Data visualization tools

    Personalize and share customized analytics reports, dashboards, charts, graphs and more through multiple devices to help easily visualize the customer journey. Get the flexibility to create reports and dashboards on demand or on a preset schedule

  • Self-service analytics

    Use self-service capabilities to create and customize dashboards and reports quickly, without IT support. Modify and save reports based on their individual needs and preferences.

  • Customer segmentation analysis

    Identify target customer segments with precision and accuracy to help determine the most profitable markets and uncover insights into customer behaviors.

  • Predictive analytics

    Get insight into past customer actions to help determine what customers will do today and tomorrow. Make more informed decisions based on future opportunities with predictive analytics capabilities.

  • Advanced Data Filtering

    Explore data using interactive features, such as drill-downs, sorting, filtering, aggregating and grouping, as well as HTML5-based graphics and charts.

  • Secure analytics platform

    Protect application data with layered, built-in security or using the existing IT security infrastructure to secure Experience Analytics content via API integration.

Customer Experience Analytics benefits

  • Data integrations

    Integrate and analyze multiple, disparate data sources for a more complete, data-driven picture of customers to create new revenue streams and improve customer retention.

  • Better regulatory compliance

    Get flexible data access, seamless security integration, scalability and performance for millions of users in accordance with new accessibility mandates for customer facing online application and data protection protocols.

  • Pre-built advanced analytics tools

    Share insights from sophisticated algorithms, leveraging integrated, pre-built advanced analytics, and quickly and easily socialize them with the right people.

  • Flexible deployments

    Deploy Experience Analytics on-premises or in the cloud, and view the generated content in any application and on any device.

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