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OpenText Explore Voice of the Customer Solution

Discover insights with speech and multichannel analytics

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OpenText Explore overview

Discover the power of multichannel Voice of the Customer analytics tools

OpenText™ Explore is a discovery solution that allows business and call center professionals to view cross-channel interactions collectively for a comprehensive picture of customer behaviors and relationships.

Explore analyzes call recordings and chat sessions, combining them with behavioral data from social media, worldwide blogs, forums and news coverage. Dynamically mining the results for underlying meaning, Explore offers actionable insight into customer behavior in near realtime, making it possible to more effectively resolve problems or improve sales across every channel.


OpenText Explore features

  • Voice of the Customer surveys

    Captures important customer feedback with interactive surveys that can be sent directly to customers’ mobile devices with Voice of the Customer templates.

  • Speech analytics software

    Accounts for the variability in speech, such as language, dialect, accent or emotion, to form a contextual hypothesis of what is being said.

  • Text analytics software

    Offers insight into text-based communications, complete with open-end verbatim or CRM notes, and automatically classifies and categorizes the interactions based on meaning instead of keywords.

  • Autoscore customer interactions

    Leverages agent and customer behavior scoring models to define and calibrate interaction outcomes while evaluating and scoring every call automatically.

  • AI-driven

    Leverages artificial intelligence from OpenText™ Magellan™ to summarize and classify calls, detect sentiment, identify breaking topics and educate with insight into 100% of voice calls.

  • Social media analytics tools

    Integrates social media data to identify trends and prevailing sentiments with URL expansion/matching, format normalization, language detection, GEO-IP and Klout.

OpenText Explore benefits

  • Listen, analyze and take action

    Reveal opportunities, correct broken processes and streamline bottlenecks with Voice of the Customer analysis for interactions across touchpoints.

  • Customer experience analytics

    Understand and respond to true experiences for specific customers, instead of siloed experiences based on legacy single-channel technologies.

  • Customizable dashboards

    Identify trends and isolate errors by transforming data into easy to understand visualizations on comprehensive dashboards.

  • Big data ready

    Use data now and prepare it for next level reporting, driving big data strategies to reduce project time and complexity.

  • Clustering analysis

    Get visibility into cross-channel interactions quickly, without performing manual analysis, using automatically clustered data.


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