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OpenText MediaBin

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Assets have traditionally been developed in silos by different departments across the organization. Valuable information resides in separate departmental servers, intranet pages, and local drives, resulting in high-value assets being duplicated, outdated, lost, poorly categorized and failing to meet brand standards.

OpenText MediaBin is a digital asset management solution, available on-premise and in the cloud, that helps even the largest organizations with globally distributed teams deliver a more engaging and consistent customer experience by effectively managing, distributing, and publishing thousands of customer-facing digital assets.

Benefit from higher-impact marketing and communications, greater agility, stronger brand equity, increased team productivity, and the security of knowing valuable corporate assets can be fully leveraged and preserved for future use. Self-service access means marketing no longer spends time fulfilling content requests.

Rich media assets have traditionally been a challenge in search because they aren’t usually text-based. With MediaBin these assets are easy to find, reuse, and understand, like text-based files, so you can automatically cross-reference information with any other form of relevant data.

MediaBin automatically extracts key concepts from audio, video, and image file content, analyzes and categorizes assets, removing the need for hours of reviewing and tagging images with automated meta-tagging and labeling. It recognizes sophisticated traits, such as color, to provide a highly detailed, time-encoded range of searchable data. This intelligence allows you to locate the right asset for your campaign without knowing exact keywords associated with the file, saving time and exposing a more accurate selection of files. Assets can also be viewed in context with other content within the extended enterprise, across social networks and web search.

With MediaBin, you can identify whether there are people in images, recognize faces in videos, and identify logos, barcodes and do optical character recognition—all the capabilities that make it easier to find the right images for your campaigns. Automatic speech-to-text conversion allows you to search words that are spoken in video files – making finding just the right 10 second clip easier than ever before.

For global companies with a wealth of visual resources, MediaBin offers a better approach to digital asset management. With permission-based workflows, your team is empowered to clearly and effectively communicate your brand to your customers. The metadata management capabilities auto-organize and tag digital assets–increasing team productivity and strengthening compliance.

OpenText MediaBin Portal Client

OpenText MediaBin Portal Client delivers a simplified user experience for digital asset management. Enterprise users and external agencies can access an asset library to search, download, and share rich media using a simple, sleek user interface that only shows them what they need to see. Browse and reuse images from the central repository, save money, safeguard the brand, and reduce risk by not duplicating stock photo purchases, diluting brand consistency, or violating license agreements.

If your organization is considering or already using OpenText MediaBin to manage digital assets, OpenText MediaBin Portal Client offers a user-friendly, browser-based view into the MediaBin repository. A clean design makes it easy to search, preview and download high-value assets, such as images, videos, and audio files. OpenText MediaBin Portal Client increases productivity by encouraging self-service with shortened search times and painless downloads. Instant insight into each asset helps users make informed choices about whether to use a particular asset for a campaign or project.

  • Prevent assets like stock photos from being used inappropriately
  • Rein in asset usage across the business to make sure users comply with governance and license policies to avoid copyright litigation, negative publicity, or worse
  • Save on storage space and prevent duplication of the same files by storing one master file for each asset. Users can then download the appropriate "rendition," i.e. the file sizes or formats that make sense for content they’re preparing
  • Assign access rights to ensure only approved users can download certain assets

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Additional MediaBin Add-Ons

MediaBin Speech-to-Text: Automated speech-to-text conversion that allows you to search words that are spoken in video files. Available to support the following languages (purchased individually): Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Canadian English, Canadian French, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Farsi (Persian), French (France), German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin America Spanish, Mandarin, Modern Standard, Arabic, North American Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Spain), US English.

MediaBin Face Recognition Software: Option for facial recognition library to enable search for identified faces in videos.

MediaBin Logo Detection Software: Option for logo detection to enable search for logo content in videos.

MediaBin On-Screen Text Recognition Software: Option for on-screen character recognition (OCR) to enable search for text content in videos.

MediaBin Deployment Agent Software: MediaBin Deployment Agent allows rules-based scheduled deployments of assets in desired formats to any network accessible site or repository including deployment of metadata required by receiving site to index properly.