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OpenText Media Management On Demand

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Maximize the value of your digital assets. Minimize the time, resources, and cost of running a media management system by moving to the cloud.

OpenText Media Management On Demand (MMOD) is a cloud service for web-based digital asset management and creative workflows. Designed with corporate marketers, brand managers, and communications companies in mind, MMOD can be used to store, organize, protect, retrieve, and share media assets online.

Host your brand assets and digital media library in the cloud with minimal hassle and IT investment. Securely access your rich media assets—video, audio, photos, and graphic files—in a user friendly and self-service environment. Make your marketing materials instantly available to both internal and external participants in your marketing ecosystem—from any place, to any device, in exactly the right format – for a low monthly subscription fee, no software purchase, and no IT involvement.


  • Maximize marketing efficiency and productivity by consolidating all creative content in a self-service, secure repository in the cloud; ensure that media assets are easily findable and deployable in accordance to corporate brand standards.
  • Reduce costs for media storage and improve performance by increasing bandwidth availability; scale the system from a few hundred assets and users to hundreds of thousands, without impacting performance.
  • Experience faster returns on software investment through eliminated capital expenditures, rapid deployment and improved end user adoption.
  • Guaranteed security and performance—while you own the data, Media Management On Demand ensures that your system is always up and running, and that your data is secure.
  • Extend your system quickly and affordably with optional premium service modules, integrations, and software customizations.

As a trusted partner, OpenText has hosted online media libraries on the Media Management On Demand platform for some of the world’s leading brands since 1998.

Let MMOD deploy, administer and support your complete media management solution in the cloud. It’s fast, cost-effective, and reliable. By delivering operational infrastructure, application expertise, and extensive support, OpenText Media Management On Demand gives you the ability to free up valuable time, resources, and budget so you can focus on maximizing the business value of your digital assets.

OpenText Media Management On Demand Product Detail

OpenText Media Management On Demand (MMOD) is a powerful digital asset management platform that offers a richly-featured suite of web-based media management tools. Functionality is delivered through a world-class hosting infrastructure backed by expert professional services and customer support.

Enjoy the benefits of more than ten years of hosted service delivery experience – and tens of millions of dollars in technology development and infrastructure – packaged in one powerful, easy-to-implement, on-demand service.


  • Digital asset management repository capable of storing and organizing virtually any digital media asset—photos, logos, graphics, documents, layout files, audio, and video files—promotes productivity by allowing users to quickly and easily access and reuse digital files instantly for preview and download, via a simple and intuitive web-based interface.
  • Comprehensive format support for all your files—archive a broad range of digital content including all of the commonly used print, video, audio, web and interactive content, documents, and other types of rich media files.
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface encourages user adoption; the web-based interface can be easily skinned to match the web design standards of your organization – and re-skinned as those standards evolve over time.
  • Cross platform support presents users with a seamless experience—MMOD can be accessed from either PC (using MS Explorer or Firefox browsers) or Mac (using Firefox or Safari) desktops.
  • Dynamic media file transformation allows users to easily transform files automatically and on demand — converting high-resolution print ready-images into JPEGs suitable for web use, for example; store just one master version of each image and video asset.
  • Configurable metadata schemas give you complete control on how  media assets can be searched and accessed; you specify the metadata schema and define how your library is organized.
  • Flexible permissions—a permissions management dashboard ensures that your digital assets are protected by allowing administrative users to define and assign individual, role-based, and group-level permissions to access content and system functionality.
  • Use file transmit to easily send a secure web link to a downloadable selection of files by email and forget about burning or mailing CDs, sending large attachments, or configuring FTP sites to get files to your vendors, partners, or coworkers.
  • File versioning control—assert better control over your assets with MMOD platform’s check-in/check-out and version history features.
  • Asset expiration allows you to automatically change asset status and access permissions based on an expiration or embargo date; copyright and other rights information can be stored in a license agreement that travels with each file in the library.
  • Our patented natural language search automatically expands a user’s query to include related terms and concepts.
  • MMOD comes with a variety of pre-built reports that users can run on a scheduled or unscheduled basis, giving you transparency into all operational aspects of your system.
  • Comprehensive support to ensure performance and security—updates and upgrades are included in the hosted service, along with weekly full and nightly incremental data back-ups.
  • Using our published Web Services APIs, your MMOD service can be integrated with 3rd party applications; the system is also equipped with a Public Links feature that enables content owners to easily embed any asset or asset rendition for display on any website anywhere, allowing you to centrally manage content and guarantee the most current version is always in use.


See OpenText Media Management On Demand in action in this demo:


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