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OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (CCE)

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Now part of Exstream, Customer Communications Enterprise provides the agility and ease of use that allows business users throughout your entire enterprise to bridge departments and data sources, to speak to your customers with one voice, throughout their entire lifecycle.

All businesses, whether Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business, generate hundreds or hundreds of thousands of critical business documents every day. But you’ve outgrown your homegrown output system. Your needs, and your customer’s demands have moved beyond paper. You are experiencing a Digital Transformation, and you know you need to adapt, or die.

OpenText Communications Center Enterprise is here to help you transform AND do better business.


  • Faster turnaround for key business processes
  • Significantly increased efficiency and throughput
  • Support for new business opportunities
  • Web-based tools, to empower business users and reduced demand and reliance on IT staff
  • Better leveraging of existing IT and Enterprise Resource Planning resources
  • Improved effectiveness of communications across the enterprise 

CCE, within Exstream, provides a single platform for the enterprise-wide design, deployment and multi-channel delivery of documents and correspondence, whether digital or conventional, in batch or on-demand, including interactive correspondence, to turn documents into dialogues.

Within Exstream, Communications Center Enterprise has features designed to support the entire business’ document generation needs, from Operations to IT, Marketing to Sales, Support to Legal

Immersive Authoring lets users generate communications from within their business tool
CCE can surface specific CCM functionality within the tools they already use, to meet their business users unique needs, so that they don't have to learn the CCM application to take advantage of its benefits. Features and services can be selectively presented or hidden, which ensures that content users only change the content they should have access to, ensuring content integrity.

Unified Styling to separate content for design
Maximize the effectiveness of communications by providing a single, consistent look & feel across all devices. Content designers and LoB users create once and distribute many times, without having to restyle communications for each outlet.

True Multi-tenant Architecture
CCE’s multi-tenant architecture allows multiple instances of the application to run completely independently, thus allowing different business units to retain their data and access independence, whether on premises, in a private-cloud or public-cloud. And each instance can be stopped or started without effecting other instances. The net result is a significant reduction in costs associated with hardware and personnel as well as much greater business agility, resulting in higher profitability and greater competitive advantage.

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FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited

This has been a dream product. We save almost $1.4M per year. It helps us communicate effectively and efficiently across different markets, languages, national borders, and distribution channels. That represents a great investment for us.


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The biggest cost saving for us is that we no longer have the costs associated with code development when we have a new or updated output template to deploy. Using the StreamServe Composition Center means that business users, not IT developers, are in control of our updates.


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The implementation of the OpenText solution has enabled us to streamline and unify our multilingual documentation models through a centralized, robust solution, fully integrated into our IT landscape. The optimization of document content has enabled us to better meet the needs of our businesses through the rapid and flexible prototyping of new templates. This improved speed of development allows us to accelerate customer communication, using the highly reliable technical solution adapted to our critical production environments.


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We have the power and performance needed to create, render and distribute a quarter million documents into customers’ hands by the next morning.


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New for Release 16

OpenText StreamServe is now OpenText Communications Center Enterprise (CCE)

Release 16 brings a wealth of new functionality and major enhancements that make CCE the strongest version to date.

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