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OpenText Notifications

A Unified Communications Strategy that Connects you with your Stakeholders

OpenText™ Notifications provide your customers, partners, vendors and employees cloud-based, proactive notifications messages in the format they prefer most. It’s a service that enables organizations to deliver personalized notifications in all major geographies and languages.

Build a complete communications ecosystem to reach new customers, build customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize profitability.

Effective customer and stakeholder communications begins with a notifications strategy. Organizations must be able to deliver valuable and timely information in the medium that people prefer – email, SMS, voice or fax. Whether you’re a company needing to update customers and employees, a non-profit connecting with constituents or a government entity needing to update a large amount of residents, a notifications strategy is a must.

OpenText Cloud notification strategy


  • Manage all notifications mediums from one secure web-based portal
  • Send notifications from any web browser or use the API to integrate into your backend systems
  • Apply business rules to automatically send notifications based on specific events
  • Scale distribution to support millions of notifications messages
  • Take advantage of a pay-per-use pricing model


  • Manage notifications mediums in all geographies and languages from a single, easy-to-use web portal or API
  • Streamline your messaging with automated solutions that create efficiencies, improve productivity and foster compliance
  • Gain a competitive advantage by sending your customers messages in the timeframe and format they most prefer
  • Ramp up messaging as fast or slow as you’d like, knowing you’ll only pay for the notifications you send
  • Eliminate costly revenue delays and customer service issues that hurt the bottom line