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OpenText Fax Solutions in Healthcare

OpenText discusses trends and innovations to help improve efficiency, reduce costs and protect PHI in healthcare.

  #1 Fax Solution Provider in the World
  #1 Fax Solution Provider in Healthcare
  The first fax solution provider to integrate fax and Direct Messaging

         OpenText Fax Solutions…The BEST Choice for Fax in Healthcare

Today’s healthcare organizations must work smarter than ever to deliver exceptional patient service while optimizing profitability. Seventy-five percent of healthcare organizations continue to use fax as their primary method of clinical document exchange. OpenText™ provides integrated, efficient, digital methods of faxing patient information securely between healthcare providers.

OpenText is the first fax provider to help accelerate interoperability for the electronic exchange of patient information. Learn more about RightFax Healthcare Direct – the first to combine fax and Direct messaging in a single solution for the Direct exchange of secure and encrypted electronic patient information.

OpenText fax solutions, the leader in healthcare fax solutions with OpenText RightFax and OpenText Fax2Mail, is committed to helping healthcare organizations:

Optimize information exchange:

  • Eliminate standalone fax machines
  • Integrate fax with EMR systems to quickly and easily send content directly from EMR systems
  • Eliminate paper-based faxing and turn faxes into electronic documents that are easily added to patient records in EMR systems

Deliver exceptional patient service:

  • Gain instant access to critical patient information as digital faxes right at the desktop
  • Reduce delays in patient care by eliminating the time-consuming processes of managing paper faxes 
  • Dramatically reduce the time to get patient information into EMR systems 
  • Automatically process communications between physicians, specialists, and other providers to a complete end-to-end continuity of care process

Optimize profitability:

  • Get the most out of electronic fax and EMR investments by integrating the two to get the greatest ROI for both
  • Increase the speed of revenue between providers, insurance companies, and suppliers by automatically electronically faxing documentation between entities 
  • Decrease the risk of fines due to non-compliance with regulations such as HIPAA

Integrate electronic fax in healthcare:

With the most integrations in the healthcare industry, OpenText fax solutions is optimizing how healthcare organizations send, receive, and manage digital faxes to improve operational efficiency and increase patient care. Integration methods include:

  • Print-to-fax drivers – fax via print option in applications
  • XML can be used for submission of outbound faxes and/or retrieval of inbound faxes
  • Integration tools – developed by fax software and EMR providers
  • APIs such as COM, Web Services, Programming Language Specific (C++, Java, etc.)

OpenText fax solutions is integrated with a number of providers, including:

  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • Allscripts
  • Meditech
  • Healthland
  • NextGen Healthcare Information Systems
  • Psyche Medical Laboratory Software
  • GE Healthcare
  • Nuance
  • The White Stone Group
  • MedPlus
  • Greenway