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B2B Managed Services

B2B Managed Services provides the people, processes and technologies to manage the day to day B2B data exchange and integration requirements between organizations and their trading
partner community

More than 900 companies around the world depend on OpenText B2B Managed Services to enable their digital supply chains.

What are B2B Managed Services?

B2B Managed Services offer management of B2B operations by a trusted, experienced partner to accelerate time to value. B2B Managed Services, sometimes known as EDI Managed Services, deliver the expertise, process support and technical infrastructure to meet current, and future, B2B integration needs. B2B Managed Services also provides a seamless way to integrate with different B2B systems or enterprise applications, such as ERP, TMS or WMS.

OpenText B2B Managed Services

OpenText™ B2B Managed Services offers a repeatable, proven people–process–technology model that extends an IT team and enables them to stay current with new B2B integration trends and requirements, while improving supply chain optimization. OpenText augments IT teams by managing the day-to-day operations, from systems management to integration to partner onboarding and transaction monitoring. B2B Managed Services allows companies to focus on core competencies, accelerate new technology adoption and future proof against unknown technology and macro-economic changes. B2B Managed Services enables three key capabilities to ensure organizations are:

  • Connected

    Provide a flexible, programmable and configurable digital backbone through B2B cloud integration that connects people, systems and things. B2B connectivity can be achieved by leveraging a range of cloud based services or through a hybrid integration leveraging on-premises B2B gateway software.

  • Collaborative

    Leverage applications and services to interact with trading partners through their preferred method and improve day to day trading partner management.

  • Intelligent

    Offer realtime supply chain insights so users can sense and respond to risk and opportunity without waiting on IT to generate reports.

B2B Managed Services features

  • Visibility and alerting

    Offer better visibility of B2B transaction flows, alerting, B2B analytics and OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics through a comprehensive suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) B2B integration solutions for improved operational and business insights and seamless collaboration between trading partners.

  • Trading partner onboarding

    Utilize robust tools, techniques and processes to accelerate the supplier onboarding process and ensure 100 percent participation from the entire trading partner community. This process also delivers ongoing trading partner management to ensure that transactions are flowing efficiently and problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Process and data intelligence

    Improve data quality and business process integrity by automatically monitoring B2B data exchange process flows and identifying errors within individual transactions and across long running business processes.

  • EDI and ERP integration

    Deliver a range of services for enterprise integration to ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle, for everything from complex document mapping, such as SAP IDoc format, to managing business partner relationships and monitoring data quality. B2B Managed Services, essentially, places a ‘firewall’ around enterprise applications.

  • B2B support services

    Proactively monitor all processes and business transactions that flow through the production system with a dedicated Production Services team. 24X7 support provides transaction monitoring, exception management and incident management.

  • B2B program management

    Work with experienced B2B Service Delivery Managers who provide day-to-day project management activities relating to the B2B platform and ensure implementation success.

  • B2B System management

    Perform all day-to-day management of the B2B operations and infrastructure, hosted in OpenText data centers, including systems health monitoring, data backups, network managed services, systems administration and application support.

  • Data mapping and translation

    Provide B2B mapping experts, a highly specialized area, manage all data and EDI-mapping and translation tasks, perform change management and issue resolution.

B2B Managed Services: OpenText Active Applications

OpenText Active Applications can support entire procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. Active Applications allows organizations and their trading partners to view and collaborate on the same information via a central data repository. These applications are highly configurable and provide performance metrics, enabling organizations to identify risk across the supply chain.

Benefits of B2B Managed Services

  • Scalable platform

    Leverage a future proof, scalable B2B cloud platform to suit the needs of today’s global business.

  • Digital transformation

    Take advantage of external resources to support digital transformation initiatives.

  • Improve transaction visibility

    Obtain rich insights into trading partner performance with comprehensive supply chain analytics capabilities.

  • Secure connectivity

    Utilize a comprehensive and highly available digital backbone that allows secure, any to any connectivity to people, systems and things.

  • Seamless integration

    Integrate information silos to improve collaboration and offer intelligent insights across the business ecosystem.

  • Flexible end-to-end platform

    Gain improved self service capabilities, mobility, peer file sharing and onboarding with any-to-any connectivity.

  • Adaptability

    Adapt for global reach with follow the sun support, regional standards and data zones.

  • Improve operations

    Digitize all transactions across trading partners, automating B2B services and processes and gaining new insights.

  • Improve customer support

    Respond more quickly to customer and new market demands.

  • Innovate existing business models

    Use the B2B managed service provider to focus on core business and introduce new value with cloud solutions.

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