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B2B integration

B2B integration enables companies to digitize, integrate, automate and optimize information flows and key business processes that extend across internal and external business ecosystems.

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What is B2B integration?

The manual exchange and processing of information between companies is slow, inefficient and often prone to error. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been providing the digital foundation for how companies can work together for more than fifty years and EDI is central to the DNA of today’s supply chain operations. Companies looking to establish an integrated, digital ecosystem to help exchange EDI based business transactions in a seamless and efficient manner need to digitize end-to-end information flows. Originally designed to electronically exchange business documents with suppliers and customers, B2B (Business-to-business) integration enables organizations to saves time and money as well as improve the level of service that can be delivered. Defined as ‘the digital integration, automation and optimization of key business processes that extend outside the four walls of your organization,’ B2B integration provides a technology architecture to improve every aspect of how organizations work with customers, suppliers and other partners.

Modern B2B integration solutions have evolved to provide the foundation for ecosystems of trading partners to work and collaborate effectively together. Companies have been able to accelerate B2B integration solutions adoption by working with outside trusted partners that offers B2B integration services, more commonly known as B2B Managed Services.

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Leader in B2B supply chain network solutions

IDC recently named OpenText as a leader for its scale, expertise, global reach and focus on investment and growth. Read the brief to also discover the latest supply chain management trends and technologies.

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OpenText B2B integration

Organizations rely on supply chain and business partners to deliver products and services. OpenText™ operates the world’s most powerful B2B integration network, ensuring supply chain and B2B processes are handled by OpenText™ Business Network experts with deep experience and industry knowledge, including for growth markets, such as China.

OpenText™ B2B Integration incorporates expertise from the leaders of OpenText acquired companies, such as GXS, EasyLink, ANX, Covisint and Liaison Technologies, to offer the most comprehensive suite of B2B integration solutions available. Multinational enterprises to SMB suppliers use the OpenText B2B network around the globe every day. More than 600,000 businesses in 60 countries execute 24 billion transactions worldwide, facilitating the transfer of goods, money and information between customers, suppliers and service providers.

OpenText B2B integration solutions, including managed services, B2B integration software and SaaS applications for B2B transactions, are all hosted and built on a global enterprise network, OpenText™ Trading Grid, the world’s leading cloud based B2B integration platform. Trading Grid features services, such as message translation and data quality, which can be accessed by any of the product applications. With Trading Grid enterprises can:

  • Seamless integration

    Connect to all trading partners and bridge technology gaps with the OpenText network, offering a full portfolio of direct integration options for SMBs and large enterprises.

  • Leading technology

    Rely on industry-leading performance and reliability with best-in-class technology, a fully-redundant, highly-available infrastructure and 24x7 multi-lingual support.

  • Industry expertise

    Achieve ROI more quickly with solutions and expertise in automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, financial services, high-tech manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail industries.

B2B integration capabilities

Business Network supports a wide range of B2B integration capabilities, offering both cloud and on- premises solution offerings for large, medium and small sized companies around the world. Trading Grid™ underpins OpenText’s B2B integration capabilities and can support supply chain digitization projects in three key ways:

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B2B integration solutions

Benefits of B2B integration

  • Reduce manual processing and errors

    Significantly reduce time and cost associated with manual processing as well as errors involved in processing business documents.

  • Process automation

    Improve business efficiency by automating key processes and leveraging EDI documents to support Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay.

  • Optimize business processes

    Increase productivity and reduce inventory by leveraging EDI integration to help increase supply chain automation and optimize related business processes.

  • Improve visibility and insights

    Gain visibility of all activities and transactions within the supply chain.

  • Improve trading partner activities

    Enhance collaboration within trading partner communities and improve trading partner performance management . Encourage innovation through closer trading partner relationships.

  • Better decision making

    Get control and visibility into all B2B data to deliver actionable insights for improved decision-making.

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