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Public Sector solutions

Digitize processes and meet the challenges of fiscal austerity, transparent accountability and streamlined citizen services with Public Sector solutions from OpenText

Discover how Public Sector organizations can accelerate digital transformation with OpenText solutions.

Public Sector overview

Around the world, Public Sector organizations are navigating complex mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technology changes and increased budget pressures. Policy requirements, such as FedRAMP and Cloud First, add an additional layer of complexity to their modernization efforts as Public Sector organizations continue to migrate their applications to the cloud.

To more meaningfully engage with their constituents and achieve their departmental mission, organizations are looking at technology as a source of real and lasting innovation, rather than a financial burden with additional overhead. Today’s Public Sector organizations understand that innovation is not only a driver for efficiency and effectiveness but also an operational imperative supporting the demands of their stakeholders.

OpenText™ partners with Public Sector organizations to create a more agile, secure and integrated digital environment. By enabling governments across the globe to digitize processes and meet their challenges of fiscal austerity, transparent accountability and the increasing demand for streamlined citizen services, OpenText drives digital transformations to empower an Intelligent and Connected Enterprise.

Segments served

Federal government

Focused on civilian government organizations at a national level

Defense and intelligence

Focused on the intelligence community, the military services, and defense organizations at a national level

Regional and local government

Focused on civilian government organizations at a regional (provincial, state) and local level

Public Sector industry challenges

  • Consumer expectations fueling citizen services innovation

    Technology disruption is challenging governments at every level to keep pace. Consumers are more sophisticated than ever and demand positive customer experiences that include omnichannel, self-service online, mobile, not only from businesses but from the governments that serve them. Public Sector agencies are being asked to manage complex business processes and deliver the right outcome to constituents on the first touchpoint and every subsequent touchpoint, all while reducing costs and remaining transparent.

  • Legacy system maintenance costs debilitating innovation

    The effort to maintain antiquated systems has had a severe impact on government IT expenditure. Legacy systems in the Public Sector cannot keep pace with changing organizational needs and are quickly becoming obsolete. These systems not only carry a huge operation and maintenance burden, they also introduce security risks and have become debilitating to the culture of innovation that is needed.

  • Pressure to integrate data and analytics into decision-making

    Despite the successes that the Public Sector has seen in the past with analytics, data analysis is not integrated into most decision-making processes. By fully employing actionable data, organizations can make effective, more-informed decisions while enforcing security, privacy and regulations compliance and remaining focused on the mission.

  • Security and regulatory issues around cloud migration

    Public Sector IT departments face unique challenges when migrating to the cloud due to regulatory and security requirements, such as FedRAMP, FISMA and UK Cloud First. By understanding and confronting the challenges associated with bringing their data to a cloud environment, organizations will be better equipped to meet mission requirements and serve their citizens.

Public Sector industry solutions

Public Sector solutions benefits

  • Increase productivity and mission efficiency

    Accelerate strategic vision by automating manual processes, streamlining data access and improving content collaboration between Public Sector enterprises. Improve mission effectiveness from both the lead application and the enterprise content management tools.

  • Intelligent insight

    Improve mission effectiveness with deeper insight into organizational operations, citizen needs, government compliance and regulation standards and more through integrated data and content analytics for improved decision-making.

  • Engage connected citizens

    Eliminate paper-based communications and manual business processes and provide constituents with mobile and web self-service for interactions that are core to the agency mission.

  • Reduce costs and mitigate compliance risk

    Speed time to value and reduce costs associated with managing processes, while enabling Public Sector organizations to digitize and transform their content and infrastructure to mitigate risk and stay compliant.

Why OpenText for Public Sector?

Public Sector organizations are some of the largest producers, collectors, consumers and disseminators of information. Only OpenText can enable the truly end-to-end, connected enterprise required to ensure the governance and transparency of that data, while transforming the operations and business processes required of an agile government to maintain their relationship with engaged, digital constituents.

Customer success stories

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