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Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

OpenText Enterprise Information Management solutions deliver the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

OpenText Intelligent and Connected Enterprise graphic
Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

What is Enterprise Information Management?

Information is the most valuable commodity of the digital economy. It helps customers improve efficiencies, redefine business models and transform industries. Organizations must use new technologies to unlock the power of information, become more Intelligent and Connected through automation and artificial intelligence, APIs and data automation and drive engagement with customers, partners and employees.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions manage the creation, capture, use and eventual lifecycle of structured and unstructured information. OpenText EIM solutions are designed to help organizations extract value from their information, secure that information, and meet the growing list of compliance requirements.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management overview

OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management, both on-premises and for cloud services, offering the only complete solution for Enterprise Information Management offering a comprehensive view of all the information within the organization.

The OpenText Enterprise Information Management Software platform manages and analyzes information, enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with machines (automation), artificial intelligence (AI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and data management combined into an intelligent information core. Information from humans and machines are brought together and securely managed, stored, accessed and mined, with analytics, for actionable insights.

OpenText follows the unstructured content, ranging from customer information and case files to employee information, transactions and interactions along the supply chain to information used to manage assets, such as planes, trains, automobiles, nuclear power plants, oil rigs, to industry accelerators, such as IT and innovation platforms.

OpenText Enterprise Information Management software is available on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud or as a SaaS offering with content services available in the cloud with OpenText OT2.

Enterprise Information Management solutions

The OpenText platform combines digital applications with an information platform to bring together Content Services, Security, the Business Network, IoT and the developer to optimize the customer experience, employee engagement, asset utilization and supply chain efficiency.

Enterprise Information Management Benefits

  • Become an Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

    Equip the organization to collaborate with confidence, validate endpoints with machines and the IoT, stay ahead of the regulatory technology curve, identify threats that cross their networks, leverage discovery with information forensics and gain insight and action through AI and automation.

  • Unlock the value of content

    Centrally manage and control content from multiple sources throughout the enterprise to derive business insights from the structured and unstructured information that exists within the organization.

  • Ensure compliance

    Ease the process of compliance with global regulations, industry standards and customer mandates with the full visibility Enterprise Information Management systems provide into all the content in the organization.

  • Choose from flexible deployment options

    Take advantage of the flexibility of cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment options to create individualized solutions tailored to each organization’s needs.